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Science Channel 27/04/2019 08:00
Are the ancient Hindu myths of a land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka true? Scientific analysis suggests they are. #WhatonEarth
OK, I kind of understood the title “Olympus Has Fallen “ back in 2013 and “London Has Fallen” in 2016. But what on earth does “Angel Has Fallen” mean? I supposed it was a better choice than Gerard ...
Sara A. Carter 25/02/2019 06:19
Thank you! I love the show! #WhatOnEarth I’m a bit of a nerd https:// twitter.com/realcowboyfan1 9/status/1100091409149947905   …
The Ark, in Norwich Road, Thetford, closed in June after serving the town since 1854. Work to demolish part of the pub then started - despite the district council saying they were not aware of the ...
Science Channel 03/08/2019 09:00
LIDAR technology unveils a massive city that contains new evidence of why the Mayan empire collapsed. Watch full episodes of #WhatonEarth on Science Channel and on SCIgo. bit.ly/2YHI3bM  
What on earth is the reason for this astonishing optimism? Apple Card, apparently. “The clearest example is the just-launched Apple Card, a virtual interface on the iPhone to help keep track of ...
Professor Ugail 27/04/2019 08:32
Was there a physical man-made bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka, once upon a time? #WhatonEarth https:// twitter.com/ScienceChannel /status/1122228927848747009   …
A HALF-human, half-dolphin creature has made quite the splash at Cairns Art Gallery. The life-sized, realistic looking sculpture — complete with real human hair feathering its back — is one of several ...
Science Channel 03/08/2019 02:22
The corpses of 337 whales were discovered in Chile. What could have killed this many massive mammals? Watch full episodes of #WhatOnEarth on Science Channel and on SCIgo.
Season two of David Fincher’s serial killer thriller Mindhunter is basking in uniformly golden reviews. But it’s another, less healthy glow that has viewers scratching their heads and rubbing their ...
Science Channel 17/08/2019 07:00
Did we discover a secret nazi base in Antarctica? Watch full episodes of #WhatonEarth NOW on SCIgo. bit.ly/2ZftArQ  
WE UP!!! #WHATONEARTH TOUR #AFRICA | #EUROPE Tickets on Sale FRIDAY 10AM UKT | What cities you repping????? #MIRRORLAND #ProudOfU #Stuck
Science Channel 25/07/2019 03:43
"The Tyrant wasn't just lying he appears to be closer to unleashing Armageddon than ever." Find out more of Kim Jong Un's de-classified plan on a new episode of #WhatonEarth TONIGHT at 10p ET on Science Channel and on SCIgo.
Science Channel 27/07/2019 02:00
Welcome to the end of the Earth. Watch new episodes of #WhatonEarth Thursdays at 10p ET on @ScienceChannel and on SCIgo.
Science Channel 10/08/2019 07:00
Why is there a strange circular forest next to a notorious cannibal site? Missed an episode? We've got you covered! Watch full episodes of #WhatonEarth on SCIgo. --> bit.ly/31xzkLf  
Science Channel 27/07/2019 08:00
We sent a message to an alien star cluster in 1974. Did we receive an extraterrestrial response? Watch #WhatonEarth on Science Channel and on SCIgo. bit.ly/2K8HxOY  
Science Channel 06/07/2019 07:00
Its the largest acid lake on Earth and it can reduce flesh to bare bones in just hours. #WhatOnEarth
Science Channel 08/08/2019 02:00
Is Mexico City destined to become the next Atlantis? Watch a new episode of #WhatonEarth TONIGHT at 10p ET on @ScienceChannel and on SCIgo.
Science Channel 25/05/2019 08:00
The largest landslide in recorded history occurred during the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens. Debris from the event is still scattered in a nearby lake. Watch full episodes of #WhatOnEarth online now. --> https:// bit.ly/2EtHD1p  
Science Channel 09/07/2019 07:35
Devastating mega-earthquakes, massive tsunamis… Tectonic stress is building. #WhatOnEarth bit.ly/2o78hnI  
Science Channel 13/06/2019 02:06
A desert ghost town, a Cold War-era radio telescope, a mysterious symbol etched in the ground... Watch all new episodes of #WhatonEarth Thursdays at 10p ET on @ScienceChannel and on SCIgo. Missed an episode? Catch-up now (free). --> bit.ly/31urbId  
#Tickets to the wildest tour on earth. http://www. earthgang.net   #WhatOnEarth
Science Channel 14/07/2019 02:00
Beautiful. Peaceful. Deadly. The largest acid lake on Earth can reduce flesh to bare bones in just hours. Watch all new episodes of #WhatOnEarth Thursdays at 10p ET only on Science Channel and on SCIgo
Science Channel 04/05/2019 08:00
600 Gigabytes of US Military data stolen by Chinese hackers, a ship aflame in the South China Sea... Are we on the verge of World War III? Want more? Watch full episodes of #WhatOnEarth Tuesdays at 9p ET on @ScienceChannel and on SCIgo.
Science Channel 11/05/2019 08:00
There's a perfectly reasonable explanation for these submerged crop circles, right? #WhatOnEarth Watch now --> https:// bit.ly/2F93HjM  
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