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Z   🌺 23/01/2020 05:33
I read that whole article & saw the pictures...idk how people are trying to discredit this. #WeAreWithYouJaneDoe
Ashley Duncan 22/01/2020 08:38
I’m laying in my bed sick to my stomach. Lead On? We are the furthest thing from a leader. Changes should’ve been made a long time ago. TCU is far from where it needs to be. #wearewithyoujanedoe
l ɘ x i   🍉 22/01/2020 08:19
It breaks my heart to hear how much this experience affected her physical and mental health. Disappointed in this school for the lack of action being taken. #wearewithyoujanedoe https:// twitter.com/caitlynyoung__ /status/1220067195994222592   …
Tamara 22/01/2020 08:08
feeling totally disturbed by the absolute lack of accountability among professional staff and the disgusting treatment of one of my peers. this culture of injustice, racism, and oppression is not okay. jane doe, we stand with you. #WeAreWithYouJaneDoe https://www. tcu360.com/2020/01/lawsui t-claims-tcu-faculty-physically-verbally-abused-student/   …
Ally 22/01/2020 08:04
this is horrifying, disgusting and unacceptable #WeAreWithYouJaneDoe https:// twitter.com/caitlynyoung__ /status/1220067195994222592   …
Taylito 22/01/2020 07:34
It’s crazy to hear some students are already downplaying this story because Dean Snow “was never like that to me”. Do NOT discredit her story. #wearewithyoujanedoe
Caitlyn Young 22/01/2020 07:34
Let’s stop protecting abusive faculty members who hide behind DEI initiatives and Lead On campaigns and start shedding light on their true characters and perspectives of Black TCU students. #WeAreWithYouJaneDoe https://www. tcu360.com/2020/01/lawsui t-claims-tcu-faculty-physically-verbally-abused-student/   …
Everrett 22/01/2020 07:26
It makes us uneasy to hear about the happenings of a young adult trying to pursue excellence. This injustice must be investigated to its entirety. #WeAreWithYouJaneDoe
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