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Casual visitors must be forgiven if they think that Uganda is growing bigger on Christianity. They see churches sprouting everywhere. They see people flocking to places where 'celeb'-rated pastors do ...
Jeff J. 31/12/2014 10:53
#VoodooTweet RT @FilmFatale_NYC: @JeffJSays I'm one of those rare Haitians that doesn't like soup joumou.
You’re favorite mummy cousin is here with a fangtastic interview with the creator of the classic Gabriel Knight PC adventure series, Jane Jensen! As some of you may or may not know, the first game in ...
Chris Williams 08/05/2014 03:32
This dude KD is a serious PROBLEM!!! *Pulls out long needle & KD doll* #VoodooTweet
South Africa: At Home With the Voodoo Thu, 06 Jun 2002 17:00:00 GMT
There must be a reason why the word "Dahomey" used to set off such explosions of fear, loathing and even respect in the untravelled European mind during the past three or four centuries. Dahomey stood ...
Trill Kush 14/02/2014 05:52
#VoodooTweet Follow me @KingRetroKush Then Retweets, After see what happens Tomarrow (don't do it if you scared)
Ben Bates 22/01/2014 08:58
@LucasVanPelt is this a prediction? #VoodooTweet
Sunchess del Faro 14/06/2013 09:22
@jasmin_ win win win! #voodootweet
Local Search Assoc. 03/06/2013 03:16
Since March, we have welcomed some great new members to the LSA family: geo.to, @LocalLaunch, Cascade Access, @VoodooTweet, Blue Pixel Media
Local Search Assoc. 25/02/2013 08:55
Want to know how to generate calls using #mobile marketing? Check out this webinar from @VoodooTweet: youtu.be/BjnN3yft18U  
#VoodooTweet lol @SkinnieCorleone: Night terrors.. the devil was on my back last night heavy Smh
Sheila McGee-Smith 01/10/2012 01:07
Former @Avaya VP for IP Telephony Micky Tsui joins VoodooVox - solutions include voice tweeting j.mp/RurrOz   @VoodooTweet
leslie leggaz 19/09/2012 02:18
#VoodooTweet RT @timothyclergy: i need a virgin
A for Abena 28/07/2012 04:08
RT *holy spirit strike u* @OMG_Half_Clutch: Playn tennis wid it #voodooTweet RT omg_itspryncez: #headache
RT @LSE_Shantana He love my spaghetti..he let me do my thing..he don't never act petty!!<^> #VOODOOTWEET
Topy   🎈 02/06/2012 09:45
_______ I I I \ O / I \ | / I I I / \ | _ / \ _ |__ #voodootweet a baagee
jen 06/11/2011 11:43
I would be okay with Ludacris putting a baby in me. And somewhere hundreds of miles away, my father doubles over in pain. #VoodooTweet
A.V. Does What!? 23/06/2011 05:09
Voodootweet @d_Sassy1ne RT @BrieVanessa: Here's a PSA to anyone who doesn't know me: I'm extremely spiteful & that's not going to change
Lost Child Fed (llc) 11/06/2011 09:51
DADITO CALDERONE 15/03/2011 01:16
#voodootweet RT @MissErikaG: He Must Not Know I'm Crazy And As Of 2 Minutes Ago, We're Engaged!!!
DJINEE 25/11/2010 01:18
I actually can #voodooTweet RT @sexiesthips: @Djinee u over killed it and believed huh? Lord have mercy. I believed ... http://tmi.me/3wRxw
Langston Hublot IV 17/09/2010 05:08
RT @JazmineDUH: Soo if a woman from N.O puts her period blood in your spaghetti you'll fall in love with her...lmao wooooow < #voodootweet
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