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Duara 09/09/2019 06:37
Nobody: People with ukulele: WISE MEN SAY!!!!???
What do Rochester and Hawaii have in common? Well, for a brief moment this weekend, that’ll be world-renowned ukulele player Kimo Hussey. Hussey, a native of Hawaii, will make a stop at Castle ...
Davie504 14/09/2019 04:49
People need to STOP being so close minded about instruments Bass is EPIC Piano is ROMANTIC Drums are MIND-BLOWING Ukulele is FUN Guitar Mayonnaise is GROOVY
Yes, You Can Learn the Ukulele Wed, 11 Sep 2019 09:52:00 GMT
(Nina Lesiga leading a Sing Along/Strum Along at the Stratford Cultural and Arts Festival - Phoenix Season) (Nina Lesiga leading a Sing Along/Strum Along at the Stratford Cultural and Arts ...
Jackie yells at racists. 11/09/2019 12:41
Since my sex life is over I decided to learn ukulele.
Calgary Grade 11 student Sarah Wamboldt was enjoying teaching a lesson of her own: guiding classmate Alex Borkley through her very first attempt at playing the ukulele. “We’re going to start ...
Wye Music Class 12/09/2019 04:26
Getting ready for another year of ukulele playing. First Ensemble rehearsal is Monday Sept. 16 at lunch recess.
The sound of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline," originating from 30 strumming ukuleles and singing voices, carried into the main halls of the Mountain View Public Library in the early evening Aug. 26, ...
Becca 14/09/2019 03:07
I just want to let it be known that I went to #HHN29 on not only Friday the 13th, not only a full moon, not only a BLOOD MOON, BUT ALSO THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF SCOOBY DOOOOO
BATON ROUGE - Traffic. The one thing we all love to hate. Nothing is more frustrating than sitting at a green light and not being able to accelerate. But in Baton Rouge, that's the norm. A ...
Eden Ecklund 07/09/2019 11:58
stop talking trash about ukulele girls! Grace Vanderwaal is a SUCCESS Dodie is an ICON Colleen Ballinger is a LEGEND Elise Ecklund Tyler Joseph is an ANGEL
Katie   🌈 14/09/2019 06:24
“I’m not giving up. But I can’t keep running away. Not after what I’ve done.”  #Carmilla
“I’m not giving up. But I can’t keep running away. Not after what I’ve done.”  #Carmilla<br>
sadie!   🛸 11/09/2019 04:29
me, in my pjs, playing The Last Goodbye by billy boyd really badly on my ukulele and trying to hit notes that are too high for me bc I'm in a hobbit mood (excuse my extremely focused face and me staring at the tabs)
It’s a mental breakdown turururu
Melissa Barlow 15/09/2019 05:54
And we got to hear @senorhettler sing and play the ukulele! #KremlinAnnex
My name is Sabrina spellman and I will not sign it away
My name is Sabrina spellman and I will not sign it away<br>
maia 07/09/2019 11:44
Feeling sad? No feel bad! Only glad! Ukulele fixes everything!
duna 11/09/2019 06:41
OCEANS short ukulele cover
boys like cam  🎃 10/09/2019 04:33
if ur dating a dodie stan ur single to me. tf r they gonna do?? cry bc of a girl playing ukulele??
Eurovision Song Contest 12/09/2019 07:20
The #Eurovision Grand Final stage is the natural home to giants from the world of music For example, you might think this performer is playing a ukulele, but it's actually a full-sized guitar
Ukulele Lesson 14/09/2019 03:14
People who pick up the #ukulele always find a little bit of joy.
ukulele festival : november me photography
ukulele festival   : november me photography <br>
Isaac 15/09/2019 02:12
just spent the last 20 min tuning my ukulele, like after owning it for 3 years ima just start pacticing or some shit. procrastination is my middle name and I hate it, I really need to do my math hw lol.
Alix ☂︎ k l i e g o 15/09/2019 12:49
Been a while since I recorded some ukulele ^^ "Wanna be like you", one of my fave songs. I'm not as expressive as in some failed takes here because I was very stressed about getting it right ^^"
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