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UK Politics Updates 16/09/2019 04:26
Hi Brexiteers. This is our First Tweet, can you guys give us a Follow & Retweet. #Brexit #Politics #BritishIndependence
Hi Brexiteers. This is our First Tweet, can you guys give us a Follow & Retweet. #Brexit #Politics #BritishIndependence<br>
Boris Johnson is visiting Luxembourg today to discuss Brexit in his first meeting with European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker since becoming prime minister... "The PM will stress to Mr ...
Sylmobile 09/09/2019 07:32
[POLL]: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? #Brexit #UKPolitics
Dods People draws together a list of appointments in Westminster politics, the devolved administrations and the public affairs sector in the last week. John Bercow is to stand down as Speaker on 31st ...
ruth 13/09/2019 12:26
an accurate portrayal of UK politics and democracy at the moment. what, and i cannot stress this enough, the fuck. cc. The Mash Report
London — John Bercow is spending his final weeks as speaker of the House of Commons in the same way he has spent the previous decade: putting himself at the center of events and making life difficult ...
What exactly is liberal about the bigots & homophobes the Liberal Democrats are accepting into their party? The latest being Sam Gyimah who opposed the gay pardon law. Who will Swinson accept next? Stephen Yaxley-Lennon? Katie Hopkins? The Lib Dems are the dregs of UK politics.
It was a third day in the green for the majors on Friday, as the majors found further support from an easing in geopolitical risk and expectations of monetary policy easing. On the geopolitical ...
HuffPost UK Politics 14/09/2019 04:35
Leader Jo Swinson will introduce a “mystery man” to the conference hall this evening  
This past week in the UK parliament has been a momentous one. MPs have taken control of the parliamentary timetable, the Conservative government has lost its working majority, and prime minister ...
The Justin Horton Show 15/09/2019 04:32
It can't be said enough, if you want to know why racism and xenophobia has come to play a big role in UK politics, it's happened absolutely in plain sight, it's come via the mainstream and one of the major conduits has been The Times. https:// atus/1173243694910189568   …
MoggMentum 14/09/2019 06:20
The Liberal Democrats, of which they are neither Liberal nor Democratic are the most embarrassing political party to ever grace UK politics. What a shambles.
For those who can not follow UK politics.
For those who can not follow UK politics. <br>
Two Lanterns Advisory 16/09/2019 03:57
Two Lanterns Bookie Tracker: Next UK Prime Minister odds on 2019-09-16 #politicalrisk #ukpolitics
Two Lanterns Bookie Tracker: Next UK Prime Minister odds on 2019-09-16 #politicalrisk #ukpolitics <br>
Oliver Murphy 13/09/2019 01:34
The future of journalism lies in what the #papersdontsay. Indeed, in an era of journalism where untold stories should matter, please consider supporting me so that I can continue to bring you coverage of issues not reported elsewhere. https://www.  
BBC Radio 5 Live 11/09/2019 10:07
'Is it going to be King Boris the First versus the Parliamentarians?' Author of The Handmaid's Tale @MargaretAtwood gives her thoughts to @EmmaBarnett about what’s happening currently with UK politics Read More https://   Listen via @BBCSounds
Georgina Hayes 16/09/2019 04:13
A reminder that I’m a freelance reporter with the Guardian until I join the Telegraph in January, so send tips/story ideas/invites to [email protected] I’m particularly experienced in covering: UK politics, universities, mental health & sexual misconduct
Mark Lees 16/09/2019 06:16
The architect of the Benn Bill designed to stop "No Deal", standing in front of EU flags demanding EU Ref 2. That's because his bill isn't intended to stop No Deal, it's intended to stop a Deal and therefore Brexit itself. UK politics & MP's makes me feel sick. @hilarybennmp https:// tatus/1172832272183189504   …
Tobias Ellwood MP 16/09/2019 11:32
LIB DEM BREXIT LATEST: To go fromto completely ignoring the ref result isn’t a pragmatic & responsible approach to resolving Brexit and uniting a divided country. Rather than compromising factions of Parliament, digging in to bespoke Brexit outcomes, are damaging UK politics.
HuffPost UK Politics 16/09/2019 01:06
BREAKING: RNLI reveals 'sharp increase' in donations despite backlash against overseas projects  
BBC News (UK) 11/09/2019 06:54
The party that didn't quite change UK politics https://  
Paloma Faith 08/09/2019 07:54
When you get a glimpse of the mess UK politics is in right now… #brexshit
When you get a glimpse of the mess UK politics is in right now… #brexshit <br>
Ollie Robertson 15/09/2019 04:37
This is great - The actual Hulk explaining The Hulk to Boris the bellend. UK politics have peaked.
Boris Johnson has just refused to do a Press Conference because of a few dozen protestors. He has chickened out of a tiny bit of odium directed at the podium. He has gone from the Incredible Hulk to the incredible sulk in less than 24 hours. #UKpolitics
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