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Peter Stefanovic 24/01/2020 07:07
I’m sure Boris Johnson would be delighted if we all end the week by tweeting this film & demanding the release of the report into Russian interference in UK politics which he suppressed before the election #ReleaseTheRussiaReport
Way back in 1999, I gave evidence on behalf of the East Midlands Regional Assembly to the Royal Commission on the Reform of the House of Lords. All three subjects of that sentence need unpacking.
Prof Tanja Bueltmann 25/01/2020 07:04
Johnson is not a centrist, he moved populism to the centre of UK politics. To do so he reached right into the very cesspit of populism, dog whistle politics and lies at the core. There no “new third way” here. So revisionism of the kind on display here isn’t a good look. https:// tatus/1220997577031766016   …
Trade union support is spread across three Labour leadership candidates while the Exchange odds show the Irish general election will be close, says Max Liu... "Unite is the only one of the big three ...
Sanjeev Sanyal 24/01/2020 04:45
Those who support Soros as the same who get all upset with supposed Russian "interference" in US or UK politics. Russian media is "banned" from UK events. How are they worse than state-owned BBC interfering in the politics of former colonies? https://www. ope-48919085   …
Iran is ruled by its Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has overseen 30 years of dictatorship and extreme conservatism, and is backed by hardliners in Iran who express deep hatred for Western ...
Peter Stefanovic 21/01/2020 09:12
Boris Johnson suppressed publication of report into Russian interference in UK politics before election & continues to orchestrate it’s delay in hope we shall forget it exists. Show him he’s wrong by sharing this film & demanding it’s unredacted release
MPs have voted through Boris Johnson's Brexit bill after he brought it back to the House of Commons following his landslide election victory. The European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill was ...
Peter Stefanovic 20/01/2020 09:51
The public have spoken. They don’t want another pull out supplement on Harry & Meghan! They want the report into Russian interference in UK politics suppressed by @BorisJohnson before the election! Release the unredacted report NOW! We deserve the TRUTH
What does 2020 hold for UK politics? Max Liu picks five markets to watch with the leadership of two parties up for grabs, the future of the union in doubt and more to ponder... "Sturgeon believes the ...
PM Johnson NOT releasing the #RussiaReportNOW really says it all Our democracy is under attack and this, possibly vital, report is still being kept from the public This article is over 2 months old and we’re still waiting … https://www. nov/04/no-10-blocks-russia-eu-referendum-report-until-after-election   …
Peter Stefanovic 23/01/2020 10:01
During Boris Johnson’s “live” people’s Q&A he picked a question about “what type of shampoo he used” If you would rather he answered the question “where is the report into Russian interference in UK politics which you suppressed before the election” RT
May and then Johnson. When are we going to kick this evil old bastard out of UK politics ? https://www. /23/johnson-met-murdoch-on-day-he-signalled-general-election-bid   …
Joseph Hurtado 20/01/2020 03:22
@piersmorgan is a master of opinion pieces, here he is spelling the truth about the Harry / Meghan mess in the UK. Great piece! https://www. 907757/PIERS-MORGAN-Spare-crocodile-tears-Harry.html   … #ukpolitics #royals #harry #oped
FT UK Politics 27/01/2020 12:05
London loses top spot as global finance hub https://  
FT UK Politics 27/01/2020 12:05
Hammond joins advisory board of fintech OakNorth https://  
H Ahmed 26/01/2020 11:06
Hitting back at calls from business leaders for continued access to low-skilled migrants, Priti Patel said it was “about time” they ended their reliance on EU migrants and began to invest in the UK workforce.  https://www. 01/26/priti-patel-says-uk-firms-reliant-cheap-eu-labour-ex-tory-leader/   … #cdnpoli #UKPolitics
Gandekko 26/01/2020 08:48
Here’s a snippet of a YouTube video, showing how we made the Artwork for Seat at the Table. Go check out the rest of it on YouTube! https://   #artwork #musicartwork #UKPolitics
Vibe Manchester 26/01/2020 02:37
How are people feeling about this? #brexit #uk #borisjohnson #ukpolitics #nomoreeurope
Peter Stefanovic 26/01/2020 10:03
#Marr “forgot” to ask Tory Minister Stephen Barclay about the report into Russian interference in UK politics suppressed by Boris Johnson before the election & when we will see it. If you think it’s important RT this & demand its unredacted release!
MATUES 26/01/2020 08:27
In my and I'm sure many others opinions....The two biggest racists in UK politics are @HackneyAbbott and @DavidLammy https:// status/1221346403286470656   …
Hamish 26/01/2020 04:00
Got ask a question: when was the last time a Labour Government NZ had a decent minister in change of something?. Struggling to figure out who was last decent one. Since current lot, seem to be in a race to bottom. #nzpol #auspol #USPolitics #ukpolitics #Geopolitics #NewZealand
#RussiaReportNOW Trust in UK politics, our independence and our democracy are all under threat. The people deserve the truth. NOW Prime Minister @BorisJohnson must act with integrity and release the #RussiaReportNOW RT if you agree.
#RussiaReportNOW   Trust in UK politics, our independence and our democracy are all under threat.  The people deserve the truth. NOW  Prime Minister @BorisJohnson must act with integrity and release the #RussiaReportNOW  RT if you agree. <br>
HuffPost UK Politics 25/01/2020 08:05
This town piloted Universal Credit 7 years ago. Here's the grim reality of what happened since  
Spotlight Newspaper 25/01/2020 12:36
Report on Russian interference in UK politics delayed till spring. If there’s nothing in it then why delay? Of course if there is something in it then wouldn't nullify the referendum result? Might be tough to deliver the Tory election pledge too? https:// /report-on-russian-interference-in-uk-politics-delayed-till-spring/   …
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