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Pam Grant 18/01/2019 01:29
If you cared about the citizens, you would not be a bull head.
The chairman of the House intelligence committee says that President Donald Trump's decision to reveal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trip to Brussels and Afghanistan is "completely and utterly irrespon...
Jeff Roberts 18/01/2019 01:28
Remember pledge or we publish pee tapes!
Remember pledge or we publish pee tapes!<br>
A model who claimed to have recordings revealing ties between President Trump Donald John Trump Pentagon update to missile defense doctrine will explore space-base technologies, lasers to counter ...
mitchn50inor 18/01/2019 01:28
This what we will see next from trump
Neither the United States nor North Korea has announced any meetings, but Kim is expected to hold talks with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a hotel in the US capital on Friday. The meeting will ...
endo_JMF 18/01/2019 01:28
FYI - You're tweeting to the American population. Think you meant this for Putin & Co. No worries. #TrumpShutdown
The Trump administration is considering eliminating tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese imports to spur progress toward a trade deal, less than two weeks before a high-level delegation from Beij...
DDeeT 18/01/2019 01:28
You are everything that is wrong w/the USA. Spiteful, vindictive baby “man” whis is petty beyond all reason.
The Trump administration is appealing a federal judge's ruling that blocks plans to add a controversial citizenship question to the 2020 census. The question asks, "Is this person a citizen of the Uni...
Chad Pergram 18/01/2019 01:28
Trump campaign fundraising appeal: It’s clear that Nancy Pelosi would rather ignore our American Constitution than allow me to speak directly to YOU...And now they are PANICKING at the thought of me speaking to you and your family in two short weeks.
m. morris 18/01/2019 01:22
do your job... signed your boss... aka the people
do your job... signed your boss... aka the people<br>
Brendan Nyhan 18/01/2019 01:21
Trump *told us* he was the one shutting the government down and still we get reflexive both sides-ism https:// tus/1086050876094058496   …
southpaw 18/01/2019 01:19
Trump’s catastrophic press conference at Helsinki was six months ago. Did it change anything?
Trump’s catastrophic press conference at Helsinki was six months ago. Did it change anything? <br>
Chuck Schumer 18/01/2019 01:19
President @realDonaldTrump’s admin wants to relax sanctions on Putin & his cronies. Today, Democrats & Republicans in the House voted 362-53 to stop them. Tonight, I asked that Republicans reconsider & vote to pass the House bill. But @SenateMajLdr McConnell objected. Listen:
Being Libertarian 18/01/2019 01:19
Attention: @realDonaldTrump
Attention: @realDonaldTrump <br>
Rogue NASA 18/01/2019 01:18
Can we tell Trump that the wall is already there but it's a stealth wall like the F-35 so therefore invisible? #TrumpShutdown
Karine Jean-Pierre 18/01/2019 01:18
Yes, Donald Trump’s political strategy is dumb. https:// /status/1086009376945655809   …
BrooklynDad_Defiant! 18/01/2019 01:18
BREAKING: Scientists predict that there will be MASSIVE seismic activity across the globe, causing billions in damage. THE CAUSE: billions of people everywhere will jump for joy simultaneously when it is announced that trump was removed from office. Bring on the quakes!
Will Ripley 18/01/2019 01:17
#breaking North Korea's lead negotiator in nuclear talks with the United States, Kim Yong Chol, has arrived in Washington. Kim was seen leaving the customs house at Washington Dulles Airport. He’s expected to meet Friday with US Sec of State Pompeo & possibly President Trump.
Duty To Warn   🔉 18/01/2019 01:16
Shutdown crisis is now a Trump crisis. McConnell is hiding. Cohen is singing. Pelosi is flexing. Giuliani is -- blathering? Time to see malignant narcissism for what it is. Chaos is a weapon. Losing is unbearable. He has power. And enablers. HIS desperation is OUR danger. #UNFIT
The Hill 18/01/2019 01:16
JUST IN: Model who claimed to have recordings revealing Trump-Russia ties detained in Moscow: report
JUST IN: Model who claimed to have recordings revealing Trump-Russia ties detained in Moscow: report  http://     <br>
Quinta Jurecic 18/01/2019 01:15
I am less sanguine than @YAppelbaum about the practical benefits of impeachment, but I think it's right that not only is now the time, now has been the time for quite a while https://www. ve/2019/03/impeachment-trump/580468/   …
Chris Murphy 18/01/2019 01:15
Bottom line: Trump had two years of total Republican control of Congress and couldn’t get his wall built. He waits until he gets his clock cleaned in the midterms, loses control of Congress, to draw his line in the sand. It just doesn’t get more stupid than that.
Trump is afraid of Pelosi going to Afghanistan and finding out first-hand, from our military leadership on the ground, that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing.
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