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Missy Albrecht 24/03/2019 09:11
Apologize for what? Wanting an investigation into the corrupt Trump administration. They have a ton of inditments now and many investigations that are continuing now due to things found my Mueller for state level. The whole report should be released for sure. Trump is dirty.
The political showdown over the Russia investigation that could reshape the remainder of President Trump’s term began in earnest Saturday even before the special counsel’s conclusions were known to ...
MiddleAmericaMS 24/03/2019 09:11
Poll: Who thinks Harvard professor Laurence Tribe @tribelaw is correct on: - Trump & Trump's team lies - Republican Congress covers-ups for Trump
WASHINGTON — One day after special counsel Robert Mueller concluded his lengthy investigation into possible collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump’s campaign, the president relaxed and ...
Isnt that what republicans want if they criticise Trump?
After nearly three years of investigation, after hundreds of interviews and thousands upon thousands of pages of documents, after scores of indictments and court hearings and guilty pleas, after ...
Linda Forest 24/03/2019 09:11
Nancy Pelosi pay attention We The Real VOTING People WANT Trump IMPEACHED Like Nixon was going to get unless he RESIGNED. I am not one of those youngsters calling for impeachment, I am a BABY BOOMER. Many Baby Boomers are also calling for IMPEACHMENT!!!
Robert S. Mueller III is the anti-Trump, universally respected for his honor and integrity yet so invisible that no recent photo exists in the public record, and his Russia probe has gripped the ...
Mell 24/03/2019 09:10
Hi all any chance you could sign this and pass it around we need as many signatures as we can get right now. https:// 63   …
Donald J. Trump won the presidency, fair and square. He does not occupy the Oval Office due to an elaborate plot involving the KGB, the Kremlin, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, or the ...
Deplorable Sarge 24/03/2019 09:10
#LockThemAllUp The rightfull prosecution and imprisonment of those listed would make every day a holiday during Donald Trump's second term. #Trump2020 p.s. Brush teeth regularly. I want our Shit Eating Grins to glow!
Gregory Sheffield 24/03/2019 09:10
Since Obama got SAVED, he asks the Right for help FIRST! "Last year, with TRUMP as President!"
Trisa 24/03/2019 09:10
Yeah hate crimes against Trump supporters!.
MICHELE  ❤️ USA 24/03/2019 09:10
I see people who WERE democrats becoming Trump supporters but I NEVER see Trump supporters become democrats
Al-Ghani 24/03/2019 08:51
Unpopular opinion: Donald trump edition.
Unpopular opinion: Donald trump edition. <br>
#FUNFACT Wikileaks has not tweeted in over 24 hours. Trump has not tweeted in over 48. Justsayin.
Piers Morgan 24/03/2019 08:07
Thank you! Nobody’s ever called me ‘elite’ before... As for sneering, Mr Schama, you spend every waking second sneering in the most contemptuous, deranged, supercilious manner possible about Brexiters & Trump. So probably best not to the play the S-card. https:// tatus/1109648526936588290   …
Brian Krassenstein 24/03/2019 07:55
Just Stop already! No one knows besides a few select individuals. https:// ke-the-mueller-report-has-vindicated-trump-28483   …
Palmer Report 24/03/2019 07:31
So of all the numerous Trump-related people who appear to have lied under oath to Congress, the only one Mueller saw fit to indict for perjury was Roger Stone? Come on, no way. This alone should make it obvious other cases/indictments have been handed off to federal prosecutors.
Chris 24/03/2019 07:17
Trump says those who don't support AIPAC are anti-Jewish, but a lot of Jews don't support AIPAC's right-wing politics. Does that make them anti-Jewish? No! It's like saying if you don't support Republicans you're anti-American. Oh, but they do say that... #WillfulIgnorance
Lucretia Mann 24/03/2019 07:16
For you both and your mindless fans.
For you both and your mindless fans.<br>
Bill Mitchell 24/03/2019 07:02
Taking down #ISIS and #RussiaGate in one week? Damn. Well done Mr. President. @realDonaldTrump
PAIN IS COMING for all of the sexual deviants, pedophiles, pedivores, child traffickers, and Satanists from Hollywood, as well as politicians. Can NOT wait til the TRUTH is out. God Bless President Trump for having the guts to out all of this DISGUSTING EVIL. Bye Hillary.
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