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October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month but just because October is over doesn't it mean domestic violence is suddenly going to disappear. Domestic violence goes on in this country every ...
Francesca Villardi 21/10/2019 11:01
Treadmill Treats: Blessed attitudes https:// d-attitudes.html?spref=tw   …
Treadmill Treats Monday Message Sun, 02 Apr 2017 17:00:00 GMT
We are in terrible state in the world today, the world is divided. People are deleting friends over politics, people are hating others, it seems like we regressed 50 years, that we lost all we fought ...
Francesca Villardi 18/10/2019 10:05
Treadmill Treats: Every dog story has a bitch https:// dog-story-has-bitch.html?spref=tw   …
Francesca Villardi 17/10/2019 10:51
Treadmill Treats: Another "Dog" story https:// r-dog-story.html?spref=tw   …
Kathy 21/05/2019 09:06
Why will an ex hit you up at midnight? by @treadmilltreats https://  
GoDaddy 09/04/2019 06:52
Fantastic job setting this up, Fancesca. It's great to see how much you've achieved in these past few years.
gay wife life 17/03/2019 05:21
Today my wife pulled out her leftover donut to eat while on the treadmill at the gym. I can’t tell if I’m more proud or embarrassed by her marathon training #TreadmillTreats
PERFECTLY ORGANIZED 10/01/2019 12:20
“treadmilltreats #Theblessingindisguise #TheblessinginDisguiserevealed #livinglifelarge…” https:// admilltreats-theblessingindisguise-theblessingindisguiserevealed-livinglifelarge-2/   …
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