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Best tweets:

Young Simba ➐ 18/05/2020 06:48
He whipped up this whole dessert too they need to free my mans he the next top chef
Although many of us are still at home, that doesn’t mean we can’t make it a special Memorial Day with our families. With all this extra time, we can celebrate the holiday by creating delicious dishes ...
Out of context Top Chef 20/05/2020 08:36
Le show d'Adrien vs le show de Martin #TopChef
Le show d'Adrien vs le show de Martin #TopChef <br>
In this alternate version of Earth, people sit with each other to eat, chefs cook without masks and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will actually happen. As I’ve watched most of this season, I’ve been able to ...
Ev 22/05/2020 02:23
Melissa assigning every chef the course they wanted instead of screwing them like I wanted her to #topchef
I think I need to start making some better life choices,” said Karen Akunowicz, eliminated for the second time from “Top Chef: All-Stars L.A.” She fought her way back into ...
Delayna 22/05/2020 02:11
If it isn't Stephanie, Melissa, and Gregory in the top three at the end of this season, I'm going to be very sad. #TopChef
When “Top Chef” came calling last year, Lee Anne Wong was preparing to open a new dining spot on Maui while navigating the demands of life with a toddler.
Erin Sandage 22/05/2020 02:23
Love that Melissa didn’t try to sabotage anyone choosing courses. That’s super refreshing! #TopChef
When Padma Lakshmi invites the chefs to meet her at a wilderness location, the group responds with hilarious dread ...
Out of context Top Chef 20/05/2020 09:07
Same energy #TopChef
Same energy #TopChef <br>
Padma: the winner gets a trip for 2 to the Tokyo Olympics! Everyone watching: #topchef
Ev 22/05/2020 02:04
alright who’s ready to have a fucking meltdown with me if Melissa is on the bottom again #topchef
nini nguyen 22/05/2020 02:35
Y’all vote for me for fan favorite! Mama needs some #topchef https://www. avorite   …
chef.abdallah 17/05/2020 09:05
cheesecake pistache
cheesecake pistache<br>
N.   🦺 24/05/2020 03:19
My baby wasn’t feeling too well so sent her a ka something. Courtesy of Top Chef @Djamelle777 !
My baby wasn’t feeling too well so sent her a ka something. Courtesy of Top Chef @Djamelle777  !<br>
My plans: 2020:
My plans:                                                    2020:<br>
A lot of people underestimate Stephanie on Top Chef All-Stars forgetting that her elimination in New Orleans was TRASH
We're sending lots of love to @topchefkevin today on his 2 year anniversary of being cancer free! #TopChef
We're sending lots of love to @topchefkevin today on his 2 year anniversary of being cancer free!  #TopChef <br>
....../\......./\... 22/05/2020 03:10
I think NiNi is coming back from Last Chance Kitchen #Topchef
....../\......./\... 22/05/2020 02:59
Melissa could possibly go home for a crab shell and Gregory worrying about his food being under-seasoned. #Topchef
Moira 22/05/2020 02:54
Team Stephanie not only bc she might be the most relatable, but also bc of her excellent My Shitty Little Kitchen series that looks like all my Boston apts #topchef
Jamie 22/05/2020 02:48
If Gregory or Melissa get eliminated we riot #TopChef
Me praying Melissa and Gregory make it safely through this challenge like... #TopChef
Quanny In The Bank 22/05/2020 02:42
Damn, that shell could be the losing straw for Melissa. #TopChef
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