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Máire NíChuinneagáin 06/11/2018 11:47
Clever marketing @cleverti #CesarFonseca #marketing #simplebuteffective #impressive #websummit2018 #taphisshoulder #taphershoulder #womenintech #technology @PaddyCosgrave @patphelan @WebSummit
In the photos from their visit to Croke Park, the little boy was seen fiddling with Meghan's hair and attempting to tap her shoulder to get her attention. Prince Harry immediately caught Walter in the ...
Ceason 31/07/2013 03:06
Quicker action means better odds of survival, so here's exactly what to do if you spot someone in need: If the person is an adult or a teen, kneel down next to her and tap her shoulder, jostle her leg ...
Tim Jones 14/08/2012 12:53
Karlie to damn old for them red streaks tho...somebody plz #TapHerShoulder
As I prepared to leave, Daijha's condition seemed to be worsening. Some days, she would need to keep her head down on the desk, and I would gently tap her shoulder to signal when it was time to go to ...
No Longer Streets 17/03/2012 09:27
I guess my joke was annoying... lol she should #TapHerShoulder an lighten up!!
If you chase, something breaks Sat, 25 Aug 2018 00:05:00 GMT
This is how it usually went: some boy would unnecessarily sneak up on a girl, tap her shoulder, steal her purse and dramatically run away. Despite the girl knowing that this trick was seriously lame, ...
maria vaughn 25/10/2011 03:37
GENTALMEN: If you want a ladies attention treat her like a lady, shes not a dog to pull just *taphershoulder* excuse me
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