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Aldo A. Bertozzi 31/01/2019 12:13
Why not (Protest)and [STOP] all [dirty] businesses, including agricultural ones? https://www. t-protect-all-businesses-including-agricultural-ones/article_533c41ec-95e5-11e3-b991-001a4bcf887a.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=user-share   … via @idahopresstrib #StopAnimalFarmCruelty ! #StopUS_Dairy #StopThisThing
Then I hated it but I still couldn’t stop. And I ended up wasting years trying to stop this thing that I hated. Everything felt better and easier on heroin. I felt OK with myself, OK with other people ...
@JustinTrudeau What a pitiful brat you are #OneAndDone #StopThisThing https:// atus/976189589575557121   …
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle could learn a thing or two from Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister, Princess Margaret. On the online forum site Quora, royal fans said that at some point in her life, ...
@mscott Imagine this scenario: Trump -President of the USA, Abbott - Prime Minister of Australia, Putin - President of Russia #stopthisthing
“Give us enough MPs in a minority government and we can stop this thing,” Svend Robinson told the Georgia Straight by phone. “It’s not a final done deal.” He pointed out that Indigenous people will ...
Mrs Moroke 13/03/2015 06:53
Yoll take this boyfriend/girlfriend thing way too seriously way too soon, Yoll putting too much of yourselves on the line #StopThisThing
Expert on North Korea's New Hwasong-15 ICBM: "You Cannot Stop This Thing" The United States likely does not have an effective means to counter North Korea’s massive new Hwasong-15 (HS-15) road mobile ...
Della Dalaney 15/09/2014 11:26
Sign the petition: Oppose the #USAFreedom Act rring_akid=.1949978.XsGl4b   … #p2 #StopThisThing
But her pride shows through her words, especially when she shared his text. "We're doing our best to stop this thing," he told her. By Friday afternoon, Dana could barely watch the news. She ...
Al Sobremonte 20/03/2014 06:49
"When you are in love and you get hurt, it’s like a cut... it will heal, but there will always be a scar..." #StopThisThing #4Years <3
That Lush Beard 06/03/2014 03:33
There are days I wake up and everything’s okay. Then there are the days my body and brain rebel, and I don’t want to move. #stopthisthing
si 02/10/2013 02:59
the fake characteristics that come with some people's definition of being "real" :( #weseezyouthough #stopthisthing
Cindy Cooper 26/09/2013 03:13
Not to mention his policies are making those of us who weren't broke before broke right now. #stopthisthing @charlescwcooke @WhiteHouse
Lmao!! #StopThisThing RT @DJFreshSA: #Hawu? #Yini? RT Thando: Hahaha!! Smh. RT @MrGanca: #JeezFresh RT ...  
LaLa*Dynamite 05/09/2012 04:11
Its funny hw some of my frnds like sending me pcmz thinkin I always hav airtime *sigh* #stopthisthing haha
Diliza 29/05/2012 08:51
LOL okay boo boo but just proofread next time ;) RT @AtangM: LoveChildYola lol eish #StopThisThing forgive me
MR MAKHADO  ™️ 17/04/2012 08:47
Don't tell me RT @AshleighOgle: NOOOO man! #StopThisThing RT @_Makhado: Tracksuit Gang.
Duduzane 30/10/2011 04:01
This is when you see black ppl at their best ke!! With Checkers Plastic bags on their heads!! . . . Advertising poverty! #Stopthisthing
Diliza 14/09/2011 02:06
Guys, 'dan' is not an acceptable substitute for 'then' #stopthisthing
Sheila Cutchlow 08/09/2011 06:37
I just contributed to global warming, by killing one big tree. Actually I got punked by this monster. #stopthisthing  
BOO! Doo 08/09/2011 01:44
"You have executed more prisoners than any other state" is an applause line at the Ronald Reagan Memorial Library. #StopThisThing #IWantOff
Duduzane 12/07/2011 01:34
#StopThisThing!! RT @NeoleisureSingo: Yo @SwaggaJhb you smoke? RT @gfarry: Thanks for burning me with ur cigarette ✗ @SwaggaJhb
MASON 29/11/2009 03:55
Black Friday Cyber Monday Texas Tuesday #stopthisthing #iwanttogetoff
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