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[email protected] 28/02/2020 01:39
Why kurunal pandya not used in Odi #staraikelungal
Though Kohli confirmed that Shami was rested for the upcoming tests series against the Kiwis, fans were utterly disappointed as the pacer was at his best in recent games. In the ongoing second ODI ...
Mahendran G 28/02/2020 05:56
One of problem in matches outside india, we are allowing tailenders to score. Earlier Sam curran in England, now Jimme & Boult. What are your thoughts to contain them? #StarAiKelungal
Msd Thala Kok 28/02/2020 03:46
#StarAiKelungal thala msd eppo retren ipl thana
VINOTH 27/02/2020 05:20
Harman played very defensive like testmatch can we try another batwoman like Richa ghosh and Smriti will take captionship #staraikelungal
Henry jack 27/02/2020 04:15
Deepthisharma is the answer #staraikelungal
Nanee 27/02/2020 04:07
The only player to have scored 232 runs and take a fifer in the same contest, she’s is part of the playing 11 for the New Zealand Women today. #staraikelungal
Imvenithanofficial 23/02/2020 06:03
#NZvIND very well Game planning #staraikelungal @StarSportsTamil
#NZvIND very well Game planning   #staraikelungal @StarSportsTamil<br>
Virat Vicky 23/02/2020 02:19
#staraikelungal Hai Ramesh sir bould around the stump vanthu close to the body poduraru ind bowler ye try pannala
[email protected] 23/02/2020 02:14
#staraikelungal Hi exports very good morning This year 2 world cup in t20 this year la 2 cup win painuna naillaeruku
vishnu bharathi 22/02/2020 05:35
Almost short balls played this game. Why Indian players not playing with backfoot And why our bowlers still bowling good length why not trying bouncers? #staraikelungal #starikelungal
Mr.introvert 22/02/2020 05:31
Shami after getting Williamson wicket #starAikelungal
Shami after getting Williamson wicket  #starAikelungal <br>
Kishore 22/02/2020 05:20
#staraikelungal experts why they avoid karun nair to play test cuz he scored above 300.
Mr.introvert 22/02/2020 04:52
Can ishant be the saviour #starAikelungal
Gobikrishnan 22/02/2020 04:50
New bowler taking more wickets.. So namalum saini ya try pannalama..? #staraikelungal
Prem 22/02/2020 04:02
#staraikelungal India missing 5th bowling option.
[email protected] 22/02/2020 03:34
#staraikelungal hi expert 1 bowler try in Umesh yadav in wicket taking bowler
shoban shetty 22/02/2020 03:17
#staraikelungal saini what not played in first test
Yuvaraj 21/02/2020 08:38
Mithali raj is score the century #staraikelungal
Mohideen Yazir 20/02/2020 11:19
Good Morning Panelists What would be a good first innings score for India considering our streak of Innings Victory in the last 4 test matches? #staraikelungal
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