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A work in progress but I said I was learning it~ #midnightradio #ukulele #baritoneukulele #sorryimbad
An Ode to... is a weekly column where we share the stuff we're really into in hopes that you'll be really into it, too. Getting ghosted by skaters is a subculture in ...
JUN 10/10/2013 02:33
Thanks @yesstyle for the awesome clothes! #sorryimbad #yesstyle #junsungahn #instadaily  
A STUDENT has revealed he was "tripped out" after two women he was messaging on Tinder gave the exact same response to a cheesy chat-up line. American singleton, Trenton from Kansas, shared his story ...
999  πŸ’” 29/11/2017 07:54
Holy shit J
You're right. I'm sorry. I'm bad about being in touch, and coming home. It's really hard for me. I see you and I think of Danny, I see Dad and think of Mom. But I'll work on it. I promise. I miss you ...
NightlineZ Art @ MFF C15 19/01/2017 12:48
My new badge name for my next Canadian con... Tim Whoreton's #SorryImBad
TUSCALOOSA, AL β€” Alabama head coach Nick Saban confirmed this morning that Lane Kiffin, his team’s offensive coordinator, was forced to apologize to fellow staff and the Crimson Tide players for ...
hi here's the work i wrote! this was the last take because it started raining so i had to stop and live with this rep. it's not horrible tbh, but i did trip over the ground when turning lmao. song- harmony hall- @vampireweekend #colorguard #sorryimbad #itriedmybest #shutup
Rest assured, it won't be that morbid. Sorry I'm bad at naming things… This article is about knowing when to let go of a bad "friendship." There seem to be a lot of articles floating around the web ...
manuel 03/12/2017 09:45
Interesting :)
Kung Fu Kenny 29/11/2017 07:17
I'm happy to see your successes. Keep grinding and it will only get better
Kung Fu Kenny 29/11/2017 07:15
Keep it up doooood
Saint Esco 29/11/2017 07:04
Awesome bro good for you homie!
....and without the support of my beautiful, intelligent, wife who is NEVER wrong, and puts up with all my ish! :p <3
Lets go.
cherrygirl   πŸ’ 31/10/2015 07:24
The story of my life.... ;) @Buckcherry #SorryImBad #HappyHalloween
kt 24/10/2015 10:54
I bet we could've got 1st in Concert if we played the last note in October. #sorryimbad
Lisa Mitchell 04/05/2015 05:16
@kathydee821 @gmlazzaretti @LeslieTidd @CrinklesCrew @Faxychick he can take the rest of it off to.. While he's at it. #sorryimbad
Chloe Everton 21/03/2015 06:19
This t-shirt has a special message for @jackiekabler #SorryImBad
This t-shirt has a special message for @jackiekabler #SorryImBad <br>
monica 31/07/2014 04:32
Lol 2 girlfriends have got on to me tonight. #sorryimbad
Robbi 17/05/2014 02:10
Mrs. Green just texted me "You are bad." #sorryimbad
Robbi 18/04/2014 12:45
Hay & I stole a flower from my neighbor's yard for biology class #sorryimbad
decembersown 16/12/2013 01:28
β€œ@Missheadhoncho: Santa's bad helper #SorryImBad” this shit fly. #dopeshit
β€œ@Missheadhoncho: Santa's bad helper #SorryImBad  <br>” this shit fly. #dopeshit
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