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Nature 25/01/2020 12:07
Researchers are getting better at communicating science in a rigorous and reproducible way, according to a text-mining analysis of around 1.6 million papers. But the findings have also sparked fears that progress is too slow. https://  
Months after Russia banned the sale of gadgets that aren’t pre-installed with Russian-made software, government officials in that country have drafted new guidelines on what types of software ...
Software Gore 25/01/2020 02:42
Microsoft is on Steam?
Microsoft is on Steam?<br>
In theory, solving problems with software development is easy — just find the best custom software development company to bring your ideas to life. But how do you actually find companies with talented ...
Software Gore 25/01/2020 03:12
thought this belonged here
thought this belonged here<br>
Audrey Bastian seems to have it all. The 28-year-old recently started a well-paying high-tech job she loves and scored a just-built studio apartment that she rents at the crux of cool, the Pike/Pine ...
Campion’s Software Engineering Club is hosting the school’s first hackathon. Over 60+ students are participating, INCLUDING 1st formers! I could cry, I’ve found my people. Jamaica a go really be alright they have all the answers, and all the energy #FortesHacks #RedIsStrong
Speakers and networks will miss out on security fixes and eventually stop working ...
Nick Szabo   🔑 25/01/2020 06:57
You don't advise people to buy and hold gold. You advise people to use software that shows ledger entries for gold held by strangers, the security of which relies not only on trust in strangers and their politics, but on PINs and passwords. https:// atus/1220803298447495175   …
TL;DR: Learn how to create your own designs with a lifetime subscription to Design Wizard Pro for $39, a whopping 93% savings. They say Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the gold standard graphic ...
Ivana 25/01/2020 06:01
Which software do you prefer when making high resolution figures for your publication? @AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #phdlife
Vrihedd 25/01/2020 02:21
Breakdown of "Unstable " Used software: Photoshop, Spine, After Effects
Thank you all for the positive feedback. I did not expect my very first thread to blow up like this. I am working on a thread on Bluetooth. #WWG1WGA
Again, this is not RV related. But if you see someone struggling either mentally or physically or both help them. If you see someone trying very hard, compliment him/her. The world is already fucked up, I hope we will be able to become someone's comfort. I'm here as always
Lee Camp [Redacted] 25/01/2020 03:18
The upcoming DNC Primary will be rigged in MANY ways: - Easily riggable voting machines - Machine software completely secret - Voter names purged from rolls - Voter suppression - Interstate crosscheck - No legit exit polls https://www. umUCQ   …
Hey lovelies! Im streaming over on Twitch, I play From Software games mainly so you know itll be fun! Id love to hang out with you while I "try" to Git Gud. ;) Live in 10! <3 https:// =1579997570395   … #Twitchkittens #Livestreaming
Mopinion 26/01/2020 12:12
The Economic Board’s kick off with Mopinion Software https://   #FeedbackSoftware #EconomicBoard
The Economic Board’s kick off with Mopinion Software  https://      #FeedbackSoftware #EconomicBoard<br>
Nocodery 26/01/2020 12:06
Job: Software consultation for our growing multi-channel multi-national distribution company - Upwork Tool: https://   Contract: Freelance https://   #nocode #nocodejob
Hartford CT Jobs 26/01/2020 12:05
JOB: Southington CT USA - Sr. Software Engineer/Manager - Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Info: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Information Systems Engineering or related discipline an ... managing a team JOBS #HARTFORD #CT  
Software 25/01/2020 11:51
I'm ready. Bring on March 20th #DoomEternal
I'm ready. Bring on March 20th #DoomEternal<br>
STACK 25/01/2020 11:43
Get a software that can do it all. Did we do this right? #dollypartonchallenge
Get a software that can do it all. Did we do this right? #dollypartonchallenge<br>
Riccardo 25/01/2020 11:15
Get the @topazlabs image editing software free - https://  
Sisipho Kimmel 25/01/2020 10:15
We operate on good software's and good signals
We operate on good software's and good signals  <br>
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