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When Valerie Martínez’s Each and Her, winner of several national poetry prizes, was published in 2010, she was poet laureate of Santa Fe. Each and Her is an unsettling collection of 72 pieces centerin...
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Sebastian 15/08/2018 10:06
Lalechugaesagua 15/08/2018 01:28
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Listo Sigame baby @SebastianYatra
Listo  Sigame baby @SebastianYatra  <br>
Danger V 14/08/2018 04:25
Franyel Disla 13/08/2018 11:00
@DislaFranyel ronaldcte #franyelpro #franyelprofanspage #popular #4kfollowers #love #sigame #comentem en Santo Domingo Province https://www. ipVECdJP7JXG5fyAoNNjWWKlU40/?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=1d22wfkyzi1c8   …
Luz acosta 13/08/2018 05:53
Sale instagram sigame – a Ciudad de El Trebol
Sale instagram sigame <br> – à Ciudad de El Trebol
. 13/08/2018 03:43
Sigame dm
https:// iO8LuapYZ0l2Vl_t7a1XrMKt8E0/   … Sigame en Instagram
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