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Debbie Cole 23/09/2019 01:57
Our #LGBTQ Lyft driver tells us she moved from Atlanta to #Chicago because it's more liberal here. Cites the imminent legalization of cannabis as evidence. The hubs fills her in on *all* the pot laws out west. Not sure that's what she really meant. #roadtrip #seetheUSA
We have sailed on larger ships with, of course, more passengers and enjoyed those cruises. But there is something really special about a small ship and American Cruise Lines stands out in every way.
TravelHost 23/09/2019 01:28
#Cincinnati - you hungry? Good because we have a list of restaurants incl. @EchoHydePark for u to visit. With so many choices in the Queen City we'll get you started & have you going back to #Cincy for more. #SeeTheUSA #WhereToNext #Travel #TravelEats https://  
The General Motors Corp. brand is reviving its '50s-era. "See the USA in your Chevrolet" theme song in a 30-second commercial breaking Feb. 24 during the broadcast of the Grammy Awards. The theme song ...
TravelHost 22/09/2019 08:39
#Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you are in #SanAntonio #Texas we've got a list of where to go to enjoy this important meal that your kids can also enjoy. #SeeTheUSA #Travel #TravelTips https://  
SOMERVILLE — In this photo, members of the Dooley family celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Chevrolet and Oldsmobile dealership at 46 E. Main St. in Somerville. According to Lawrence Michael Dooley ...
TravelHost 22/09/2019 06:49
The @universityofky football and basketball programs are attractions you will want to see during your visit to #Lexington but that is not the only thing. Take a tour with @KYHorseCountry or visit Berea or do both!!!! #SeeTheUSA #Travel #TravelIdeas https://  
See The USA In A Chevrolet — Then Return It Wed, 11 Jul 2012 14:46:00 GMT
In a move to keep the buying momentum rolling, Chevrolet is offering shoppers a new test drive of sorts. Starting Tuesday, participating U.S. retailers will offer the Chevy Confidence program which ...
TravelHost 22/09/2019 06:37
Beaches and Perfect weather are nice but have you ever......just you need more than that? If so, when you visit #Pensacola #Florida we have 4 things to put into your itinerary. #SeeTheUSA #Travel #TravelMemories #TravelMoments https://  
1911: General Motors founder Billy Durant, right, ousted from GM in 1910, teamed up with Louis Chevrolet, a Swiss-American race car driver and engineer, to start Chevrolet Motor Car Co. on Nov. 3, ...
TravelHost 22/09/2019 12:03
Looking for fun and unique things to do in #Bozeman and #Billings #Montana? Look no further than the 4 recommendations we have put together. Book your trip and explore Big Sky Country. #SeeTheUSA #WhereToNext #KeepExploring https://  
TravelHost 20/09/2019 10:46
Are you looking to get frightened this #Halloween? Will you be in #ATX at the time? Perfect. We have 4 recommendations for things to do in ATX during the ghouls and ghosts season! #SeeTheUSA #Travel #TravelIdeas https://  
TravelHost 20/09/2019 02:12
Explore the scenery, glimpse the history, and discover the lure of the beautiful Brandywine Creek Greenway and surrounding countryside. On 9/28 experience various distances and joy the outdoors. #SeeTheUSA #OptOutside #KeepExploring #WhereToNext https://  
TravelHost 19/09/2019 10:37
The Florida Keys are a magical destination for travelers. A place for fishing, boating, snorkeling &scuba diving #TheKeys will have something for everyone. Making the decision of what to do can be difficult, so we've made it easier for you. #SeeTheUSA https://  
TravelHost 19/09/2019 06:09
Looking for the most haunted hotels in America? @travelchannel has a list of 10 that will interest you and they are in great locations like Sante Fe New Mexico, Long Beach California and Cape May New Jersey to name a few. #SeeTheUSA #Travel https://  
TravelHost 18/09/2019 11:48
You can find all of our articles on @Pinterest in the section Fun Things To Do In The United States. Scroll, click, read, book.....Find Your Next Adventure using TravelHost. #SeeTheUSA #Travel #KeepExploring #TravelMemories #TravelIdeas https://  
TravelHost 18/09/2019 02:28
Have you ever traveled Route 66 in #NewMexico? Well, @NatashaNicholes has and she has a great write up of the places to stop and take in the sites. Our favorite part is about Owl Rock in New Laguna. The image is unbelievable. #SeeTheUSA #Travel https://  
Kamme Art 17/09/2019 09:00
Made it to Arizona! Now, up to Phoenix!! #newmexicostateline #arizona #traveler #traveling #traveltheusa #travel #seetheusa #cellphonepic @ New Mexico-Arizona Stateline https://www. ?igshid=1sncvt2d1f25b   …
TravelHost 17/09/2019 04:12
An unequivocal musical prodigy, singer-saxophonist-songwriter @gracekellymusic has rocked the jazz world with sold-out concerts, 13 acclaimed albums and will be in #Oakland on Oct11. Will you be there? #SeeTheUSA #Travel #TravelMusic https://  
TravelHost 17/09/2019 11:58
The @C4AW in #Philadelphia will be hosting Making a Seat at the Table: Women Transform Woodworking and will present works by 43 artists and makers from throughout North America from Oct4 through Jan17. #SeeTheUSA #TravelIdeas https://  
Cyrus Webb 16/09/2019 01:55
Chip Rogers, President of @AHLA, talks @brandusa on #ConversationsLIVE: https://www. ive/2019/09/15/chip-rogers-of-ahla-talks-brandusa-on-conversationslive   … #seetheusa #brandusa
Chip Rogers, President of @AHLA, talks @brandusa on #ConversationsLIVE:  https://www. ive/2019/09/15/chip-rogers-of-ahla-talks-brandusa-on-conversationslive   …  #seetheusa #brandusa<br>
TravelHost 16/09/2019 12:53
History, elegance, natural beauty, and friendly people wherever you go make Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a memorable experience in the heartland of America. If that isn't enough for you then click the link for things to do in #CedarRapids. #SeeTheUSA #Travel https://  
TravelHost 15/09/2019 02:56
#LasVegas will never run out of things to do so you'll never be bored but choosing what to do is going to be difficult. We've made it a tad easier for you by providing our top 5 recommendations. What is in your top 5? #SeeTheUSA #Travel https://  
TravelHost 14/09/2019 06:59
Take a trip to Northwest #Arkansas this fall and enjoy everything that #Fayetteville to #Springfield has to offer. From Devil's Den State Park to the Fayetteville Ale Trail there is something for everyone here. #SeeTheUSA #Travel https://  
TravelHost 13/09/2019 09:31
Armour Street Theatre- home of @DCPonstage will host the performance of Wait Until Dark every Thur-Sun from 9/26 to 10/12. If you're in #Charlotte you will want to take the short trip and enjoy the performance. #SeeTheUSA #TravelIdeas https://  
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