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The Lion Sin of Pride 18/01/2020 11:17
Tbh that’s the first Time seeing the photo and I never knew it was that bad. Cono she had that built up
Workers at Kickstarter voted Tuesday to form a union. It's the first time the white-collar workers at a high-profile technology company have formally chosen to be represented by a union.
bedchan 18/01/2020 09:46
Still in awe over how much dookie that is
欄 pic.twitter.com/l6W91lILKU — Kickstarter United (@ksr_united) February 18, 2020 The idea to unionize was sparked in 2018 after a Kickstarter campaign for a satirical comic book titled "Always Punch ...
ً 19/01/2020 02:20
wow isn’t even potty trained
wow isn’t even potty trained<br>http://pic.twitter.com/PVO2dX5O02
But in 2018, a heated disagreement broke out between employees and management about whether to leave a project called “Always Punch Nazis” on the platform, according to reporting in Slate. When ...
Papa Wade 19/01/2020 02:03
Uh Oh
Advertising The campaign was sparked in the months after managers made the decision to take down a funding page for a comic book, called “Always Punch Nazis” after it had been written about by the ...
Daniel nirta 19/01/2020 01:23
@matildalbaker this is the first time I've actually seen the photo and holy jesus
The historic vote comes amid growing discontent among employees at technology companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft, who have started to organize.
Tubalinni 19/01/2020 12:27
I never realized the level doodoo involved with Poopy Pants girl, omg
I never realized the level doodoo involved with Poopy Pants girl, omg<br>http://pic.twitter.com/ARqhRB4sMz
Stabby Kat 15/01/2020 02:28
ALSO, apparently he had a scar on his knuckle and told his grandkids he got it from punching Hitler in WWII. I love him so much. #punchnazis
punchnazis 18/02/2020 06:42
I know people that have been fired for using company printers to print religious material.
punchnazis 18/02/2020 06:28
You can't do that shit when you are a judge. This is a country of law, and according to our laws, the government is not supposed to favor one religion over the other. If you're biased towards christianity, then this looks wholesome.
punchnazis 18/02/2020 06:20
@BernieSanders sorry it took us so damn long
punchnazis 18/02/2020 06:20
@BernieSanders You will never stand alone again.
chano 18/02/2020 04:15
And that’s the unfortunate part. cops will always be scum
punchnazis 18/02/2020 03:09
I want it so fucking bad
dOols II 18/02/2020 12:55
Because cops and klan go hand in hand. Cops have never been on the side of the working class
Wyatt 17/02/2020 09:51
Pretty surreal seeing it on a friend's snap story then on my twitter feed. Being assaulted by an evangelical makes you more authentic than 95% of DSA members
realutsafan 17/02/2020 09:37
Probably shouldn’t grab someone if you don’t want to get shoved
lauren  🌱 17/02/2020 08:20
Of course. We were using our voice for good. I will continue to stand with all of y’all <3
Rudy Zappa Martinez 16/02/2020 02:53
Your enemy is clearly American Democracy. And they are fighting like hell to stop the rise of fascism #PunchNazis #ImpeachTrumpAgain
Kieran 16/02/2020 02:17
"Nazis" is trending.... I hope somebody has been punching them again #punchnazis
Punch Nazis. Eat the Rich. We put that shit on everything. #JusticeLeagueOfQueers #PunchNazis #EatTheRich
Punch Nazis. Eat the Rich. We put that shit on everything.  #JusticeLeagueOfQueers #PunchNazis #EatTheRich <br>http://pic.twitter.com/JXEMvr5ebu
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