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punchnazis 09/10/2019 02:11
They have no respect for life.
It began with a debate about punching Nazis. A graphic artist had been raising money on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to bring a comic book, called “Always Punch Nazis,” to life. But after the ...
punchnazis 06/10/2019 07:04
He eats cheeseburgers and drinks diet coke every day...
Much of the criticism was in line with this tweet by 'former video game journalist' Nick Monroe: "Why is "punch Nazis" a bad thing to say and incitement to violence?" Because the term NAZI is being ...
This was an extremely enlightening read. I am trying to decolonize my own #dnd writing, and understanding the perspective of emancipatory violence is very helpful to that end. #PunchNazis https:// twitter.com/DungeonCommand r/status/1183903120977358849   …
Tom Morello: Make America rage again Fri, 19 Oct 2018 05:00:00 GMT
he grins. “Oh my gosh – the fact that that’s a controversial thing is so insane to me. If it comes to it that we can’t punch Nazis, then who can we punch, really?” Never mind, then –Tom’s firebrand ...
Tee.Dee 15/10/2019 04:16
We need more of this lolllllllll. #punchnazis
About a third (32%), however, say it is morally acceptable.[1] Strong liberals stand out with a slim majority (51%) who say it’s moral to punch Nazis. Only 21% of strong conservatives agree. Full ...
punchnazis 15/10/2019 03:06
Don't be afraid. Fuck terrorism. You will ACE your test!
I mean, we have a First Amendment. I don't like Nazis either, I rooted against them on Hogan's Heroes, but we have to go by principles and not by feelings -- that's what the other side does -- you can ...
Elizabeth S. Wilmoth 14/10/2019 02:27
Hey everyone. Just a quick little reminder that you should #punchnazis Thanks
I don’t get why #punchnazis is bad? It’s self defense you if they’re fucking nazis they headin after your ass for being Jewish, Gay, Trans ETC
punchnazis 12/10/2019 04:28
she sounded barely capable of reading lol
punchnazis 12/10/2019 04:08
What barr just said was the scariest thing this administration has said. KEEP RELIGION AND STATE FUCKING SEPARATE. GOD IS NOT GREAT. RELIGION POISONS EVERYTHING.
punchnazis 12/10/2019 06:11
the revolution is happening. https:// twitter.com/by_the_ppl/sta tus/1182825993544835072   …
punchnazis 12/10/2019 05:44
You have vastly disappointed me. I have unsubscribed both my WOW accounts. I won't purchase another activision/blizzard game again.
punchnazis 11/10/2019 04:45
trump fucking sucks https:// twitter.com/womensmarch/st atus/1182398670219698183   …
Bianca Megrew 10/10/2019 09:57
gnarly 10/10/2019 08:11
i am in como se dice..........love
punchnazis 10/10/2019 06:38
apollo 10/10/2019 05:22
I LOVE YOU @i_punchnazis
apollo 10/10/2019 05:21
thread about my best friend @i_punchnazis
thread about my best friend @i_punchnazis <br>http://pic.twitter.com/kLViRd8zTx
punchnazis 09/10/2019 02:13
They are also a russian organization, @RonWyden helped prove that.
punchnazis 09/10/2019 02:06
Holy shit https:// twitter.com/sara4SF/status /1181692948305498112   …
gnarly 07/10/2019 07:40
u suck
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