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John Youles   ❌ 20/06/2019 07:16
Didn't you know that #Bigotry and #HateSpeech is OK for #ReligiousClerics in #PoliticallyCorrect Britain?
It’s still anybody’s guess where — or if — Michigan’s Jordan Poole, Ignas Brazdeikis and Charles Matthews will be picked in Thursday’s NBA Draft. The way ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas sees ...
Andrew Poole 20/06/2019 07:15
@HamillHimself how do we put you up for canonization? @Pontifex
A leading voice in college basketball believes Jordan Poole and Ignas Brazdeikis are worthy NBA draft picks. ESPN analyst Jay Bilas said that both former Michigan players could be worthwhile ...
Packing nightmare - depending on when you’re heading there it could be a very hot start, Tue-Thurs temps towards 30c, high humidity. Likely to be some big storms floating around too. So wellies and flip flops required. Cooler towards the following weekend.
Spokane firefighter and Army veteran Shawn Poole is, to many voters, a new face in the race for Spokane mayor. Yet, he's already generated a sizable base of grassroots support, showing impressive ...
Michelle Poole 20/06/2019 07:15
For tips on improving your #proofreading skills, you can sign up for a free checklist, helping you to beat 'word blindness' ow.ly/RiFP30oQFkq  
The Windcraft racing team ran its first race of the season, entering its iconic 38-foot Cigarette Hawk, Wild Eleven, in the Offshore 1 class at Poole in Dorset. Wild Eleven — a Cigarette Hawk ...
Eden Poole 20/06/2019 07:11
A flash of frustration likely leads to a flood of ideas reveal... More for Virgo bit.ly/A7Cwfs  
New York Jets defensive back Brian Poole discusses giving back to the kids of Bradenton with his annual football camp. By Hundreds of kids flooded the football field at the Manatee Police Athletic ...
Bob For A Full Brexit 20/06/2019 07:08
£14bn of foreign aid ‘may not offer value for money’ No Robust Checks, How Many Palaces & Jets Does it Pay For In Corrupt Countries? http://www. thetimes.co.uk/article/536a2c 94-92e0-11e9-a1cf-8a70d1d684b0   …
Boats.co.uk 20/06/2019 07:06
Our Poole office is packed with sold boats, px’s, new arrivals and boats are everywhere! We are rafted 3 deep #busy #june
Our Poole office is packed with sold boats, px’s, new arrivals and boats are everywhere! We are rafted 3 deep  #busy #june<br>http://pic.twitter.com/uznPRt0KjN
Bob For A Full Brexit 20/06/2019 07:05
Israel is the real problem, said imam in BBC row Is He Fit To Teach Or Preach In The UK? http://www. thetimes.co.uk/article/03cb0f 10-92df-11e9-a1cf-8a70d1d684b0   …
sam 20/06/2019 07:04
Sounds like a standard loser. That he still claims he won. Maybe he wants another vote. As they didn’t know what they were voting for
RedBox Recruitment 20/06/2019 07:01
CAD Draughtsman / Setter Out, Circa £38K in Poole. Do you have experience with Setting out/Joinery/Shopfitting/Interiors? Get in touch #RedBoxJobs ow.ly/f5Pu30oWuQy  
Bob For A Full Brexit 20/06/2019 06:59
Labour MPs in Leave seats fear election suicide Labour Are Toast! http://www. thetimes.co.uk/article/1e28b4 ec-92db-11e9-a1cf-8a70d1d684b0   …
Bob For A Full Brexit 20/06/2019 06:57
Hammond urges next PM to ‘explore’ new Brexit poll You Will Be Gone Soon, Thank Goodness! http://www. thetimes.co.uk/article/1e720c ea-92d7-11e9-a1cf-8a70d1d684b0   …
Brainspurs2019 20/06/2019 06:56
The bbc have form for this,remember the fake vicar on Newsnight,turned out to be an actor.
SBB1 20/06/2019 06:52
Jacob got to have that job.
JXP (Jaleel Poole) 20/06/2019 06:51
That nap has me up way beyond my desired bed time fam.
Bob For A Full Brexit 20/06/2019 06:45
Tory candidates threaten BBC debate boycott http://www. thetimes.co.uk/article/2650ca 44-92e3-11e9-a1cf-8a70d1d684b0   …
Bob For A Full Brexit 20/06/2019 06:45
Javid ‘wants to be next chancellor’ No! Jacob Rees-Mogg To Be Chancellor! http://www. thetimes.co.uk/article/0ecb16 c4-92e1-11e9-a1cf-8a70d1d684b0   …
Darren Poole 20/06/2019 06:34
Poole 19/06/2019 08:54
Wow Extremely Blessed And Honored To Say I Just Received My First SEC Offer From The University of South Carolina!! #Realcocky @CoachHutzler @GamecockFB @RivalsFriedman
Ed Poole 19/06/2019 06:17
The Rory Stewart love in tell you alot about 'centrists'. They aren't actually 'centrists' at all. They're Tories in search of better branding.
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