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How are you celebrating Twin Peaks Day?
Great, now I can't get Don't Fear The Reaper, from out of the back of my head.
Happy Twin Peaks Day!
Off hand, Candyman might be one of my favourite horror films, ever.
The trailer, for the original film. https:// youtu.be/LwDh7RK8ofg  
Was Dennis Miller, secretly hired to write his tweets?
Yanlin 28/02/2020 04:25
There is a very common pet in human world, but in this magical world they are very different. The cat is a Serrade Petit. Itβ€˜s name is Dixon. A Flamingo asked it :Hey, dear, Which book is your favorite?The cat said: My favorite book's is Pippi Longstocking.
Night Court
This tweet, won't age well.
I finally, got #KnivesOut on Blu Ray, today!
Just don't open it.
The weird thing? The turtles literally had no shells. By the way, turtles without their shells would die. Which made the implication, even more unsettling.
I freaking love this film.
He just appointed, Dr. Nick to take care of it.
Congratulations, Vice President Randall Flagg.
Welp, I am not sure what's more scarier..... The fact that I more Twitter followers, or the fact Max Landis is still a thing.
Poppin Fresh
Actually, he really elected this guy. #TheStand2020
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