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Have a great day with much peace, love and tolerance. Always keep calm! #ilikeyou #NoViolence #NoRacism #ecology Via @instagram https://www.
No racism charges after MP's joke Tue, 17 Mar 2020 17:00:00 GMT
Disgraced Tory MP Ann Winterton, who told a joke about Asians at a rugby club dinner, will not face racism charges, police said today. Mrs Winterton, 61, was sacked as Shadow Cabinet spokeswoman ...
Asastasia 04/04/2020 06:50
The next time, it will happen because of the #Americans racial problems they have since they settle in American continent. #Noracism
Giggs hopes for no racism repeat in Bulgaria Tue, 03 Mar 2020 23:52:00 GMT
Manager Ryan Giggs hopes there is no repeat of the racism that marred England's October 2019 visit when Wales go to Bulgaria in the Nations League. Giggs was speaking after the draw, which also ...
Nohe Lema 04/04/2020 04:24
@PSG_English @neymarjr @paulpogba @KylianMbappeFan @MarcusRashford @BlaiseMatuidi Step up and #StopRacism #NoRacism Africa is not a lab rat! Thank you @SamuelEtooFans @didierdrogba @Akon
@PSG_English @neymarjr @paulpogba @KylianMbappeFan @MarcusRashford @BlaiseMatuidi Step up and #StopRacism #NoRacism  Africa is not a lab rat! Thank you @SamuelEtooFans @didierdrogba @Akon <br>
No racism please, we’re British Tue, 03 Mar 2020 16:00:00 GMT
THE BRITISH are racist. Everyone says so. The Macpherson Report told us that the British police service was institutionally racist. The Council of Europe said that our attitudes to asylum-seekers ...
ZDP 04/04/2020 03:39
I’ve seen a lot videos on my tl of asian people eating weird shit (NoRacism) but this one is too far, why she biting it like that bro https:// g/status/1244539222821875712   …
DUBAI, January 17. /TASS/. There is no racism in Russian football club Spartak Moscow and it was not worth making a hype out of an innocent joke, Spartak’s Brazilian left winger Pedro Rocha told ...
rosy. 03/04/2020 08:14
I had to rt this ha #noracism https:// 246143633683894278   …
There’s no racism in British politics Mon, 02 Mar 2020 16:00:00 GMT
Sir, The comments made by Trevor Phillips regarding how Barack Obama’s career would have progressed in the Labour Party were he a British citizen (report, Nov 8) are so off the mark that it’s ...
Skylerjersaymccall 03/04/2020 04:26
#Africaisnotatestinglaboratory AFRICA IS NOT A TESTING LABORATORY #africa #noracism
Green Left 03/04/2020 03:52
"Exactly a year ago, we mourned the people killed in Christchurch, New Zealand. Today, we mourn the people killed in Hanau on February 21 and will not forget others." https://www. eir-souls-live-our-struggle   … #InternationalDayAgainstRacism #NoRacism #Hanau
tyson crake 02/04/2020 10:14
#noracism even animals should have a site to post that stuff....
#noracism even animals should have a site to post that stuff.... <br>
you're cute I'm beaut 02/04/2020 08:56
#stopracism #noracism please retweeet as much as you can
Casper 02/04/2020 06:06
Why in africa its as if they aint in need of that medicine and in america and other white states is where corona is growing so its better be done there . this things is sickening the nation and the world at large #noracism
XO_Shonda   ♥️ 02/04/2020 03:33
If anything bad ever happens, natives will be teaching white folks how to live again #NoRacism #JustFacts
TheGranit 01/04/2020 07:17
kisha than oreo #noracism
Beverly Longid 01/04/2020 03:14
You are welcome @Miseriko1. Stay healthy and safe too. In solidarity #FreeWestPapua #FreePoliticalPrisonersWP #NoRacism
Endel Stamberg 31/03/2020 09:14
Hi, Robert! Unfortunately, discrimination is commonplace and we should no longer accept it! Yes, #NoRacism #HumanRightsMatter #LGBTQRightsMatter
mishra_abhinn 31/03/2020 07:03
You know what, there will be a day when someone will make a film against covid19 . Aur china wallo ki ache se bajey gi esme. And everyone will be more excited than endgame. It should be named Chinese Originated Virus In December 2019 more precisely Covid-19.#NoRacism #COVID
#NoRoomForRacism 31/03/2020 02:23
It’s about to go down
John Senior 31/03/2020 04:27
You’ve left out they’ve also sent a coach load of Doctors to help us. Unless you’re a nurse or Doctor just stop talking about something you know nothing about. If you were dying you do just ge grateful we had them. You are utterly irrelevant and pathetic #noracism #borninnhs
William H. Averchuck 30/03/2020 09:45
#noracism though https:// status/1244152173836955648   …
ryuji   ✨ 29/03/2020 01:07
I’m gonna need you to take #Noracism out of your bio
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