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Tim Ferguson 12/07/2012 08:11
#MIFF surrenders to the crowd-pulling power of #Comedy! m_id=120658   … #NoMoreMisery
While the immediate timetable for West Bank annexation might be slipping a bit, Israel still appears to be on the verge of unilaterally proclaiming sovereignty on a patch of land that is a critical ...
Saterios 06/02/2019 08:02
That's great. We need to stop the "Outrage Warriors", but we need to be better then them, we need to put a mirror in front of them. https://www. HZGFE   … Saviour of nothing - by Disturbed Try posting this song to them if they attack you #NoMoreOutrage #NoMoreMisery
Problem gambling is causing about one suicide every day, a shocking report concluded last night. The House of Lords review found that betting blights the lives of two million Britons, with 50,000 ...
Mauricio 19/10/2014 11:30
Nuff said. #dallascowboys #wedemboys #nomoremisery #atleastforaweek @ AT&T Stadium  
I wish no more misery on the plaintiffs, but I can’t see why they should collect a penny from Tilton. America is a marketplace of ideas. Some are good, some are dangerous, and not all come with ...
Gregory McDowell 07/04/2015 12:41
#family is the most important thing in my #life   #future #trust #prayer #justsayin #mylife #nomoremisery #free
When Bloomberg News editor Jodi Schneider took the reins of the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC) in the summer of 2019, she expected the side gig running the legendary watering hole ...
MUNICH: As part of its ongoing drive to offer innovative comfort and safety features to its customers, German manufacturer BMW Motorrad has unveiled Active Cruise Control (ACC), which combines ...
Oh yes! And the NIA tonight proved how important #happyclappers are. The atmosphere was brilliant, and there’s no question that it lifted the team. Let me write that again: HAPPY CLAPPERS LIFT THE TEAM! #NoMoreMisery
Jason Elmquist 13/11/2018 06:09
And @Jordanbishop35 wept. #NoMoreMisery https:// tatus/1062148141057753088   …
Adaya77 23/09/2018 01:29
These war-monsters need to be put out of our misery! #NoMoreWar #NoMoreMisery No more"We think it was worth it"moments in our ugly history! SOState Albright, a mother mind you, says the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children is worth the cost of perpetual war https://www. HKZe8   … https:// status/1043769148688531456   …
MrPete 25/10/2017 10:34
Don’t strike, open the barriers and take no fares. Hits the operators pockets, keeps the customers onside. #nomoremisery
Dean R 08/09/2017 10:01
Day 210. Another weekend starts and no thoughts of gambling. Sometimes miss the excitement but don't miss the misery. #nomoremisery
Pastor Andrew (DBC) 17/08/2017 02:46
#NoMoreMisery! The ship has sunk! Hahaha #40DaysOfTheHolySpirit #revival #dbchurst #ptl
Deliverance Bible Church 16/08/2017 03:12
#40DaysOfTheHolySpirit Season 4 Day 32 Tonight at 7pm @DBCHurst @PastorCleetus #NoMoreMisery #PurePleasure #GraceGrace #REVIVAL & #Souls
KT 10/05/2016 02:47
90% sure that my dad is more excited about me being done with accounting than I am... #NoMoreQuestions #NoMoreMisery #SorryLOL
Mary Trussell 28/04/2016 03:55
In a parallel universe badgers have dug up the lettuces and there's a giraffe in the polytunnels #thearchers #LostThePlot #nomoremisery
Peter Pandy 06/01/2016 11:50
Can't wait to jump off the pier on the 17th of June in my uniform #nogerman #nocases #nomoremisery
Necole Kane 07/11/2015 07:59
Lord. Thank you for this life. Happy :) #perspective #nomoremisery
I can't lie I really appreciate having a good girlfriend. #NoMoreMisery
Dynasty Bound 02/03/2014 10:45
For the first time in 25 years I have left an islander game early because my son is sitting her crying. #nomoremisery
Kris Katera 20/02/2014 01:32
Waking up knowing I don't have to go to my old job anymore .... quite possibly the best feeling in the WORLD right now!! #NoMoreMisery
Dillon Hamilton 07/02/2014 06:21
Nic and I have decided that this weekend will begin a fresh start and that school will not get the best of me #NoMoreMisery
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