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Nextkidz 16/08/2019 06:34
Corny my Baby Tag @heisrema @heisrema #Nextkidz #corny #Rema
Nextkidz 12/08/2019 08:09
Make his pockets hurt Tag @thereallilkayla @thereallilkayla #nextkidz #lilkayla #makehispocketshurt
Nextkidz 20/08/2019 08:21
We love you too!!
Nextkidz 21/08/2019 06:10
Hot Girl Summer Happy 19th Birthday @angeliamjayne! Tag @tydollasign @NICKIMINAJ @theestallion
Nextkidz 20/08/2019 08:08
Go check out our 2019 August Playlist! | Tag @chancetherapper @madeintyo | Click Here to watch Full Video ! -> https://
Nextkidz 20/08/2019 12:06
Thank you so much !!
Nextkidz 19/08/2019 11:11
Throwback to @AlekzSamone ‘s class the other week We loved this class so much & it felt so good train from you !
Nextkidz 16/08/2019 10:24
Thank youu!!
Nextkidz 15/08/2019 07:02
Cooking With Nextkidz Go watch our newest YouTube video to see how our pizza came out! | Click Here to watch Full Video -> https://   #nextkidz #pizza #youtube
Nextkidz 13/08/2019 05:35
Yous a Bop Tag @Tyga @YG #nextkidz #bop #tyga #yg
Nextkidz 11/08/2019 06:20
Emotional Tag @Saweetie @QuavoStuntin #Nextkidz #saweetie #emotional #quavo
binky boy 01/08/2019 03:05
I wonder how many total color combinations have been worn by Nextkidz
2019 crushes so far(no order): 1.) julio macias 2.) jason genao 3.) ricky from nextkidz 4.) still kenneth san jose ugh 5.) lil nas lmao 6.) lowkey lil boom wtf 7.) kakashi sensei 8.) cj collins lol 9.) kyonosuke yamashita :b 10.) omar apollo
Ashley 13/07/2019 07:32
The NextKidz - Dance group, amazingly talented, & funny https://www. E5z9skOrxP6Xq1b4vg   … @TheNextkidz
morena 10/07/2019 02:52
Adesuwa freaking out cause she saw the nextkidz like bro, she over here in fan girl mode
[email protected] 06/07/2019 07:57
2/3 @NICKIMINAJ Share With Your Friends & Family! #nextkidz
Vlog 1on1 06/07/2019 05:28
RT NICKIMINAJ "RT TheNextkidz: Megatron Tag NICKIMINAJ NICKIMINAJ Share With Your Friends & Family! #nextkidz #nickiminaj #megatronchallenge"Vlog1on1 Youtube- https://www. LlmTNEn7lL0IaMu2xg?sub_confirmation=1   …
Ra3 30/06/2019 03:40
"UNO" by Ambjaay | Choreography by Naomi B. | Nextkidz https://   via @YouTube
sada 29/05/2019 05:27
i just wanna dance for my school w my nextkidz... but bhs don’t care about talent other than their own school teams
yangelina  🌻 17/04/2019 06:11
Someone make a thread of nextkidz as food or something
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