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Nextkidz 12/02/2019 03:17
I want it, I got it @ArianaGrande @ArianaGrande Share/Tag Your Friends !! #nextkidz #7rings #arianagrande
The world’s largest regional theme park company, Six Flags Entertainment, has joined forces with popular US kids music brand Kidz Bop to kick off a live audition tour to determine the next Kidz Bop st...
Nextkidz 10/02/2019 02:05
Who, What , When , & Why?? @trvisXX @trvisXX Tag your Friends! #nextkidz #whowhat #TravisScott
Kidz In The Hall Leave Rawkus For Duck Down Mon, 26 Nov 2007 21:46:00 GMT
“The Major League team could not be more excited to partner with Duck Down Records for the next Kidz in the Hall album,” Major League founder Matty Marcus says of the union. “The loyalty the label has ...
Nextkidz 07/02/2019 03:32
@PostMalone Tag your Friends !! #nextkidz #wow #postmalone
yangelina  🌻 27/01/2019 01:21
Being in nextkidz is them reacting to stuff at 2am while I reply at 5am. I’m THAT person in the group..
ᴺᴬᴼᴹᴵ 18/12/2018 08:50
Here’s my section of the “Hi Bich Remix” concept video we did @ImAsianDoll & @BhadBhabie enjoyyyyy Choreo: yours truly Dancers: @TheNextkidz #Nextkidz #Asiandoll #bhadbhabie
ricky♔ 16/12/2018 07:21
@YBNNahmir Check Out Our Video https://   #nextkidz #hibich #bhadbhabie
yangelina  🌻 08/12/2018 07:40
@nextkidz give me this handle
yangelina  🌻 29/11/2018 04:29
Nextkidz making an intro/outro: https:// tatus/1064596670686642176   …
yangelina  🌻 27/11/2018 12:35
Nobody: Nextkidz: https:// status/1067213056952987648   …
yangelina  🌻 22/11/2018 08:30
Seeing friends tag eachother under our nextkidz posts on Instagram makes me soooo happy
Athiba cyrus 16 15/08/2018 04:53
I liked a @YouTube video   “WALK IT TALK IT”- MIGOS | NEXTKIDZ CHOREO
Nicole   🍯 19/07/2018 07:09
“ uh ooohh Back again “ choreo by yours truly song : Big bank - @YG Dancer : @AniyahCossey @chillkvye #NextKidz #bigbank #yg #nickiminaj #dance
NyNy  💃🏽 19/07/2018 12:45
“Once he go black, he’ll be back again!” Choreography: @AniyahCossey & @ayyeitsniicole Song: Big bank - @yg @NICKIMINAJ #BigBank #NextKidz #YG #NickiMinaj #Barbz #Dance #HipHop #BayArea
ricky♔ 18/07/2018 06:00
Whatchu gone do if I leave? I said bitch ima do me #BigBank @BigSean #nextkidz
VIBRENT 07/06/2018 05:14
I liked a @YouTube video   FLIPMODE | Fabolous, Chris Brown, Velous | NextKidz Choreography
ricky♔ 03/03/2018 05:51
WALK IT TALK IT New video out on “nextkidz” YouTube channel, go check it out - Dancers: @angeliamjayne @nxomib @RickyMijo @AniyahCossey @ayyeitsniicole @chillkvye @saydizzzle #Migos
NEXT KIDZ 27/04/2015 08:36
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