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Best tweets:

NaybahoodNip  💙 22/02/2020 07:30
Like ummmm u do have kids!
NaybahoodNip  💙 22/02/2020 07:29
I just love how he always move like aint shit fcked up but somehow u claim this shit bothering u too smh
NaybahoodNip  💙 22/02/2020 05:01
U better get out my face lol
NaybahoodNip  💙 22/02/2020 04:57
I NEED ! https:// tatus/1230929713255866369   …
NaybahoodNip  💙 22/02/2020 02:08
I need a dozen n a half large crabs today
NaybahoodNip  💙 22/02/2020 09:01
Whyyyyyy is Dionne wike awake yo why why why
NaybahoodNip  💙 22/02/2020 01:03
U too sis? We gotta do better lol
NaybahoodNip  💙 22/02/2020 01:02
Lil papi on the way so we locked in REGARDLESS
NaybahoodNip  💙 21/02/2020 10:43
As we get older...
NaybahoodNip  💙 21/02/2020 09:50
The lady at work said when are u gettin new flowers? Your boyfriend didnt piss u off yet? I said welp as a matter of fact, he did today so lets see wht happens monday
NaybahoodNip  💙 21/02/2020 08:02
I guess me n yonnie stayin at the hotel by ourselves tomorrow lol
NaybahoodNip  💙 21/02/2020 07:57
All I know is that that nigga better not be petty and not give me MY SHIT when it comei earned every diamond lol
Tha One wit tha Penso 20/02/2020 07:48
Started a new #NaybahoodNip piece cuz why tf not you can NEVER draw Nip too many times!
NaybahoodNip  💙 18/02/2020 11:17
Yonnie too long to fit in her bathtub
NaybahoodNip  💙 18/02/2020 03:20
My flower vase been empty for too long
NaybahoodNip  💙 17/02/2020 09:23
Im sooo happy my boss closed my firm early
NaybahoodNip  💙 17/02/2020 07:14
I need to pick out paint colors n shit its just soooo much to do
NaybahoodNip  💙 17/02/2020 01:10
...but you had a bitch in your bed lastnight. U not mine. U belong to the streets.
NaybahoodNip  💙 17/02/2020 07:22
I overplayed my part. I’ll never do that shit again!!
NaybahoodNip  💙 16/02/2020 06:12
I’m glad u feelin better Brit
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