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Best tweets:

K.AY 13/12/2019 03:12
I just love how much support & encouragement exists between namjoon & yoongi. zero jealousy, zero toxic competition, just an abundance of love & hyping each other up in their solo works. how fcking rare & how fcking beautiful
Everyone is shocked and devastated. They want to redo it, but Jin won’t let them and runs off to put his things away. Yoongi also wants to know why he keeps getting roomed with Namjoon. Taehyung gets ...
celena   🌔 12/12/2019 01:13
namjoon was genuinely upset that he took the mic too quickly from yoongi so kept saying "really sorry, really sorry" & "i'm sorry" so many times :((( so yoongi, seokjin & jungkook consoled him and told him it was fine PLEASE IM SO SAD
The lead of K-pop group BTS, Kim Namjoon has turned a year older today and his fans can't keep calm. Namjoon aka RM aka Rap Monster and his group which debuted in the year 2013 won over millions of ...
niamh ☆ 12/12/2019 08:32
fuck the government vote namjoon
fuck the government vote namjoon <br>
Yoongi comments that it would be nice to see as much nature as possible while they’re there, he also wants to go fishing. Namjoon wants to go to the Skyline Gondola and go race karting. Jin’s ...
DAEGU BOYS 12/12/2019 08:41
taehyung’s soft smile when he saw that namjoon and yoongi were sleeping in the back
"Once this era ends, I would like it if Kim Namjoon could be Kim Namjoon, if Bangtan could be Bangtan, and that each and every one of you [...] could be yourselves too. Please know this. Thanks to you ...
Joon's World 13/12/2019 06:11
namjoon & jin moving onto slow-mo for the press cute
The leader of the famous K-pop group BTS, Namjoon aka RM turned a year old yesterday and saw a galore of wishes coming his way via social media. While the fans couldn't keep calm and flooded the ...
jungkook's nose eater ♡ 12/12/2019 05:16
namjoon's hidden vocals in mikrokosmos hit different
fawz 11/12/2019 07:53
yeah no wonder every joon stan thinks theyre married to namjoon i mean look at him are u joking https:// us/1204849598692577281   …
namjoon when he finds out that y’all sold out tae’s favourite candle
BTS Throwbacks 11/12/2019 08:26
[OLD] It's been exactly 2 years since Namjoon’s last ending ment at BTS Live Trilogy Episode lll: The Wings Tour The Final! @BTS_twt
jungkook talking jungkook talking about the other about namjoon members https:// atus/1202908051134668803   …
STEFFY. 11/12/2019 08:51
namjoon nation I come bearing gifts
namjoon nation I come bearing gifts <br>
BTS Throwbacks 13/12/2019 10:18
[OLD] It's been a year since we got Astronaut Namjoon! @BTS_twt
remy 13/12/2019 11:53
i will never get over how tae sang trivago love with namjoon on stage..
andrea ♡s bts 12/12/2019 01:07
namjoon was really regretting of taking yoongi's mic so fast
The OP ARMY made an alarm sound combining Namjoon and Yoongi's words! Wake up!! Wake uuuuup!! You gotta earn money! https:// /status/1205532913896280065   …
Joon's World 12/12/2019 12:08
namjoon & jimin's "extended selfie time" with their hats im so soft
J. 12/12/2019 01:23
Jungkook getting his daily dose of namjoon love
ً 13/12/2019 06:09
Namjoon acting like he was in slow motion HE IS SO CUTE @BTS_twt
fawz 11/12/2019 07:45
DAEGU BOYS 13/12/2019 03:52
yoongi saying he’s so happy about suga’s interlude and namjoon saying that’s the happiest he’s ever seen him
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