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Best tweets:

Melissa 01/07/2020 10:01
1 whole week No smoking!!! Whew
#may4th ##over30 ##momof3 ##millennials ##tiktokfinds ##whoknew BRB, cooking pancit canton to try this hack! Follow Ira on Instagram. We are officially on Viber! Be part of the Cosmo Viber ...
Melissa 25/06/2020 08:12
Got the call today, I go July 6 for biopsy. Please pray that it’s not cancer. Thank you
Consumer Reviews Tue, 10 Apr 2012 05:00:00 GMT
Have You Driven the 2012 GMC Yukon Hybrid? 1 - 4 of 4 reviews I LOVE THIS CAR!!! by momof3 from Virginia on Tue Jul 16 2013 The Yukon Hybrid meets every possible expectation for comfort ...
Melissa 30/06/2020 03:15
Anxiety definitely a mind of it’s own.
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Melissa 03/07/2020 03:36
WTF!!!! Half of Florida probably got it by now. https:// 8704775870234629   …
Melissa 27/06/2020 07:04
4 days NO smoking Feels good.
Melissa 27/06/2020 05:05
Sorry I haven’t uploaded in 3 months. I will be getting back to videos soon. Love you all. Night stay safe
Hallelujah! After 3 months of hand washing dishes & 4 visits from the repairman, my dishwasher is finally fixed! #WINWIN #momof3
MomOf3 04/07/2020 03:07
He couldn't say Ulysses if his life depended on it.
Dawn Hartman 04/07/2020 02:37
Way to many people won't take it as the threat it really is. It also don't help a lot of big time leaders won't even wear a mask. What kind of example is that? Everything has been opened up too soo, some things all the way. Now look at the results. Please stay safe.
Jennifer 04/07/2020 02:35
I wish I had the will power to stop smoking congratulations to you
Charlene Wilson 04/07/2020 01:58
He doesn't decide what states open and dont, it's the governor. Sheep much?
Stacie Carr 03/07/2020 11:28
Because they rushed to open everything instead of doing things right.
MOMof3 03/07/2020 05:15
#DarkMatter @netflix Whew chile I’ve binged all 3 seasons. My mind is officially challenged and blown connectioning all the incestrial dots. Not to mention the parallel universes. Hopefully there’s a season 4.
Amber Starkweather 03/07/2020 04:22
You go girl
[email protected] 03/07/2020 02:10
Right on Melissa!! Great job
Christine Edwards 03/07/2020 04:45
No thanks to trump for opening up stuff before it's time
Adriana25 03/07/2020 03:38
I'm scared of this world now
Lori Nead 02/07/2020 03:56
Woohoo! You got this!
GeorgeTV-THE-FAM 02/07/2020 02:12
I’m so proud of you my sister
You’re an #ASS Gov Nuisance! Your mascot, not mine!
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