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James Woods 20/05/2020 04:43
Jon Stewart and Samantha Bee have a fun frolic about #JoeBiden. Watch it quick before Twitter protects the #OldGroper and takes the video down. The Democrats and #MeToo hypocrites would hate it if this were retweeted by millions.
The Judicial Crisis Network, a conservative advocacy group, announced on Friday the launch of an ad campaign casting prominent Democrats as hypocrites for their reaction to the sexual assault ...
Ryan Fournier 22/05/2020 11:21
Nancy Pelosi slammed Kavanaugh but praised Biden Kristen Gillibrand slammed Kavanaugh but praised Biden Kamala Harris slammed Kavanaugh but praised Biden Elizabeth Warren slammed Kavanaugh but praised Biden Remember, it’s #MeToo unless you’re blue.
The lawyer for Tara Reade, the former Senate aide who has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, said he was no longer representing her, just two weeks after taking her on as a client.From
Peter Daou 21/05/2020 10:47
YOU'RE BEING PLAYED If you think leftists, fighting for #M4A, #GND, income equality, and defending #MeToo , are helping Trump... ...but corporate Dems who give Trump expanded surveillance, ICE funding, and a space force, are opposing him. Don't be a sucker to the system.
Tara Reade dropped by prominent #MeToo lawyer Fri, 22 May 2020 14:15:00 GMT
Tara Reade, who alleges former Vice President Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993 when she worked for him in the Senate, will no longer be represented by prominent MeToo lawyer Douglas H. Wigdor, ...
Peter Daou 22/05/2020 12:39
THE COLD, HARD TRUTH: #Biden and #MeToo 1) #JoeBiden is on camera repeatedly groping, sniffing, & feeling girls without consent, to their visible discomfort. 2) Multiple women have accused Biden of inappropriate contact. 3) These actions disqualify him from the presidency.
In her 40 years in television news, award-winning journalist Katie Couric has been a prominent voice on the national stage. In 2000, she had a colonoscopy on live TV to raise awareness about colon ...
Jeffrey Levin 22/05/2020 03:22
Tara Reade Is Dropped as Client by a Leading #MeToo Lawyer https://www. politics/tara-reade-credentials.html?smid=tw-share   …
Douglas Wigdor, who has represented women who have testified against Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly, said Friday that he is no longer representing the embattled Biden accuser.
Jason 22/05/2020 08:12
Metoo and feminist mobs silent again?
Being Libertarian 24/05/2020 03:43
The #BelieveAllWomen #MeToo #ImWithHer #WomensRights crowd has an option now.
The #BelieveAllWomen #MeToo  #ImWithHer #WomensRights crowd has an option now.<br>
Molly Jong-Fast  🏡 20/05/2020 12:50
I don’t know who needs to hear this but #metoo is not about a win for your “side,” it’s about protecting women.
𝗕𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗮 24/05/2020 05:04
An open letter to @JoeBiden, The attacks on you must be exhausting. You supported a black Potus for 8 years & he now supports you. They attacked your son, it didn't pan out. They attacked your decency & #MeToo real victims were set back by Reade. Keep being you, sir. #IBelieveJoe
deirdre flynn 20/05/2020 11:40
The 50th anniversary issue of @irishunireview is out-with excellent contributions on disability, #metoo , working class literature, diversity, activism, trans visibility, & digital humanities-to name just a few! And my own essay 'On Being Precarious' https://www. 66/iur.2020.0433#.XsUU8epTCyU.twitter   …
ultrapurwater 22/05/2020 01:11
It has been known for a while the #metoo movement biggest boosters especially blue check media white journalists only cared when the accused were people they hated. Tara Reade just made it clear how badly they will twist to defend Biden. https:// atus/1263809608134602752   …
MaxoKoolin 23/05/2020 10:45
Doja Cat called me a n*gger on Xbox live #MeToo
Jill Filipovic 22/05/2020 03:42
This is all just so frustrating and sad. Her life will never be the same. #MeToo has taken a hit. Could have been avoided through thorough journalism. But the absolutely irresponsible, self-interested people who pushed these claims will never, ever take responsibility. https:// atus/1263854296895897600   …
AyeMojubar 24/05/2020 06:43
Dr Pantami was leading the game until Aunty Abike Dabiri played #MeToo card on him, and voila! the game changed completely.
Peter Daou 22/05/2020 12:39
6) The ONLY ethical stance when a powerful man engages in forced touching of women and girls is to vehemently and vocally reject their behavior. And to hold them accountable. 7) Applying #MeToo principles selectively is a moral failure that is profoundly chilling to survivors.
I don't hate Alyssa because of the mask, or her stance on #metoo ...I just think she is completely useless, and should stop thinking she is the voice for all of us. She is a private citizen, just like all of us. Does not mean she knows any better. She just thinks she does.
Crystal ☾ 24/05/2020 10:07
TW: rape #MeToo
TW: rape  #MeToo  <br>
Mark Kendall 23/05/2020 07:25
I have to admit even though it can’t protect you Alyssa Milano’s crochet masks were a good idea, but the Covid Condoms were GENIUS! #MeToo ??
I have to admit even though it can’t protect you Alyssa Milano’s crochet masks were a good idea, but the Covid Condoms were GENIUS! #MeToo ?? <br>
amani loves zayn 24/05/2020 08:01
8. ZAYN appeared at the grammys wearing a rose to support the #metoo MOVEMENT ( info from @zinfuI )
8.   ZAYN appeared at  the grammys wearing a rose to support the #metoo  MOVEMENT   ( info from @zinfuI )<br>
Ryan D 23/05/2020 07:51
Do the holes in the mask represent all the holes in the #MeToo movement?
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