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jiminโ€™s magic shop high note is so beautiful and perfect I can listen to it all day
Fewer administration officials are allowed to listen to President Trump Donald John Trump Senate gears up for battle over witnesses in impeachment trial Vulnerable Democrats tout legislative wins, not ...
swing please release a live concert album just because i want to listen to the clear version of designer band ver.
Georgia Tech guard Bubba Parham is no stranger to Rupp Arena. While Saturday's matchup against the Wildcats will be their first trip up to Lexington for most of the Georgia Tech basketball program, ...
Lisa Nandy 14/12/2019 08:58
We have to listen to what communities like mine have been telling us for years if we are going to win again. https://www. lisa-nandy-labour-become-rooted-21094144   โ€ฆ
But others are more secular, as is this particular lesson: Sometimes, you should set aside skepticism and cynicism, and listen to what children have to say. You might be surprised by their wisdom.
When it came to previewing their upcoming game against the Kentucky Wildcats in Lexington, Georgia Tech head coach Josh Pastner didn't shy away from discussing the debacle that was the Syracuse game.
๐ฟ 14/12/2019 09:23
yes, I can listen to jimin sing โ€œyour love your love your love, I miss thatโ€ on loop for hours straight @BTS_twt #MAGICSHOPinOsaka
The Detroit Pistons left Mexico City with a 122-111 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday night. Andre Drummond led the Pistons in scoring, putting up 23 points and 15 rebounds. Drummond currently ...
ariella~ 14/12/2019 11:02
listen,,, thereโ€™s something about jungkook speaking Japanese that just hits DIFFERENT #Btswins10s
Listen to his golden voice singing Magic Shop and try not to fall in love... i know, you can't #MAGICSHOPinOsaka #JUNGKOOK
ain. 14/12/2019 10:08
skz singing you can stay in pilot outfits, also listen to how chan harmonising with seungmin
David Schneider 14/12/2019 11:24
Nowโ€™s the time to listen, identify whatโ€™s wrong and deal with it (antisemitism, fuck-off-and-join-the-Tories-ism, our messaging etc), then rebuild behind someone who speaks to voters as well as members. The millions whoโ€™ll suffer under the Tories need us to. And soon. Peace out.
a 14/12/2019 08:24
listen yโ€™all, directioners are trying to catch back up so make sure you reply, retweet & quote #BTSwins10s so the boys can win #BTSwins10s @BTS_twt
Esraa โ—กฬˆ 14/12/2019 11:21
His voice is my heaven on earth. His vocals in stigma and singularity are what made me Listen to BTS in the first place. You make me happier than you can imagine Taehyung. #WeLoveYourVoiceTaehyung #BTSwins10s #MAGICSHOPinOsaka
if you could listen to one album for the rest of your life, which one would it be? comment your answer with the following hashtag #1DWins10s
if you could listen to one album for the rest of your life, which one would it be?  comment your answer with the following hashtag #1DWins10s<br>
BILLBOARD โผ 14/12/2019 09:22
If you haven't listen to this song then your kpop life is not complete The song called "just right " @GOT7Official
LUHMEH   โค BTS 14/12/2019 11:08
Yk: what should we do? Me: iono O_o *blanks out* Yk: what abt little hearts? Me: ahhhh sounds good *poses* Me: oh btw, happy advanced birthday :D Yk: thank youuuu! He can be so cute sometimes sobs
Aries Nam   ๐Ÿ’ญ 14/12/2019 09:57
HAPPINESS TIPS: - Donโ€™t listen to gossip - Ignore what people say about you - Design ur own life - Look for good in every situationย  - Develop an attitude of gratitude - Laugh more - Keep family close - Have goals - Read more - Actions before words - Give more #PaskongKawiteno
David Head 14/12/2019 10:54
Germany's Die Welt: Johnson's promise to "get #Brexit done" will "blow up in his face". You get a more sobering perspective on the UK from the foreign press. A pity UK insularity and overwhelming monolingualism doesn't pick it up. But a nation that chooses decline doesn't listen.
His voice is so unreal. I want to listen to it for the rest of my life.
My baby love u Titans, he appreciate u all for the love showered on him on his birthday. He loves Tacha soo much!!! Listen to him urself happy 6th birthday to u son #TMOLFest #TMOLFest #TMOLFest #TMOLFest #TMOLFest #TMOLFest #TMOLFest #TMOLFest #TMOLFest
Mochinomochi 14/12/2019 08:30
#bkdk #bakudeku listen. When yโ€™all mention about horiโ€™s deku sun, I had to do it too.
#bkdk #bakudeku listen. When yโ€™all mention about horiโ€™s deku sun, I had to do it too. <br>
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