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Best tweets:

The Book Wizard 28/02/2020 05:21
This was no accident #librarylife https://www. librarians-find-biscuit-in-tudor-manuscript?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebarweb   โ€ฆ
Hundreds of children joined their friends, parents, grandparents and others Saturday, Feb. 1, exploring the many winter fun options offered across Bettendorf. The 2020 Winter Carnival, an annual ...
Andria Amaral 14/02/2020 06:14
I made a thing #librarylife #librarylove
I made a thing #librarylife #librarylove<br>
Leaf photo creates a flurry Mon, 10 Feb 2020 16:00:00 GMT
For people who want reading recommendations, thereโ€™s an hour of #AskALibrarian on Thursday mornings, while anyone wanting a chuckle about the realities of our workday can peek at #LibraryLife. Thereโ€™s ...
Patron: I can't get on the internet Me: Double clicks on Firefox Patron: <amazed gasp> How did you do that? Me: Magic, I'm a witch. All librarians are. #librarylife
New books getting ready to be read Tue, 11 Feb 2020 20:01:00 GMT
Even though we have books coming in throughout the year, we always have the biggest load after the Christmas holiday, all waiting for their turn to get prepared for their library life. That leads ...
I have the next five weekends off from the library. I may never get to say this again. #librarylife
Louisville Library Life Stories Fri, 11 Jul 2014 05:05:00 GMT
Check out their community-driven programming now and throughout November. Halloween fun at your local library-for the kids and families around Louisville. Library literary delight for the weekend and ...
Why..would you come to a library a half hour before it closes and disturb others that are trying to study? #librarylife
Take a look and see who you can spot in this throw back gallery to the early 00s.
mystidream 28/02/2020 10:15
every time i walked into the staff bathroom today the toilet paper was facing a different direction #LibraryLife
Alisa Snow 28/02/2020 10:09
At my library today we've had a wedding ceremony and a bluegrass concert. To everyone who thinks that libraries are quiet boring places where nothing much is happening, umm, yeah, that's NOT true. #librarylife
needleclicker 28/02/2020 10:03
Board of Trustees minutes hurt. Probably in content, but definitely when you're shifting and they fall on you. Bonus ouch because a few hit a bracelet that has sharp edges. #ThatArchivesLife #LibraryLife
NAH LRC 28/02/2020 10:00
We have already assembled books available for checkout every day! #FridayFun #Librarylife #Books
We have already assembled books available for checkout every day!  #FridayFun #Librarylife #Books<br>
Rebecca T 28/02/2020 09:32
Alphabetical Spices and a couple special collections. #librarylife #cooking https://www. ?igshid=6tgp4t1dwoyc   โ€ฆ
Stevie Lee 28/02/2020 09:30
Giggling that *I* would get a call from @seekonklibrary about one of our books finding its way up there! Hello from Florida, Massachusetts! #librarylife #libraryconnections
Not At The Library 28/02/2020 09:20
To make reference desk time more interesting, I created a bingo board for sightings of regular customers and situations. Try it, makes the day go faster. #librarylife
Rita Meade 28/02/2020 08:18
You know when a kid asks you how to spell your name and then runs away, something interesting is coming. #librarylife
Michelle 28/02/2020 07:37
Getting my hair colored (violet!), helping my stylist find peer-reviewed articles for their Bio class #LibraryLife
Anthony DeMinico 28/02/2020 07:35
Patron 1: has a coughing fit Patron 2, to me: Does someone need an ambulance? Seriously, over COUGHING? I get it, paranoia runs high, but sheesh. #librarylife #librarianproblems
La Grange Public Library 28/02/2020 06:40
Whatโ€™s that you say? I saved $19 checking this book out of the library! See the savings on our new check out receipts! #LibraryLife
Whatโ€™s that you say? I saved $19 checking this book out of the library!   See the savings on our new check out receipts! #LibraryLife <br>
Here's a new one. Someone moved a cafe table and 2 chairs into the handicapped stall in our men's room and made themselves at home. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP! #librarylife
Madeline Valore 28/02/2020 05:08
More time in the library. Just what i needed. #librarylife
More time in the library. Just what i needed. #librarylife <br>
Andria Amaral 28/02/2020 04:28
Like so many of us, I struggle with imposter syndrome. But then a former library teen (whoโ€™s been in the Army for past 9 years) tagged me in a librarian post on FB and called me โ€œbest librarian everโ€ and I think maybe Iโ€™m doing ok. #LibraryLife
MARbrarian 28/02/2020 03:06
Okaay, work day 7 of 7 and after today I get a weekend! And no more work on Sundays 'til April! #librarylife
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