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LeBrunch James   🥂 08/04/2020 07:08
First post quarantine brunch fit. Need this
Ouvert pour le petit-déjeuner, déjeuner, le dîner et le brunch du dimanche, ce magnifique restaurant n'est pas juste un restaurant; c'est une expérience culinaire en soi.
LeBrunch James   🥂 08/04/2020 04:35
Stay yall dumbasses inside. Going outside with your friends and putting it on your story with the caption "social distancing" isn't cute.
Sleeps 6 to 14 people - Close to Sables d'Olonne 6 people Clévacances 4 & 5 stars prefectural 6 persons barn raw and contemporary design provides outstanding views of the rolling countryside. A vast ...
Lebrunch James 08/04/2020 04:03
I switched my whole political affiliation just to vote for Bernie, and he drops out. Man fuck Joe Biden’s dumb ass
LeBrunch James   🥂 08/04/2020 03:59
Lol Trump truly about to eurostep into another term despite EVERYTHING. We live in a simulation bro
LeBrunch James   🥂 08/04/2020 03:51
Man's truly just wants smoke
LeBrunch James   🥂 08/04/2020 05:53
Lol these people are grandparents that have passed their ideas through 2 generations now. https:// twitter.com/historyinmomen t/status/1195401858933755905   …
LeBrunch James   🥂 07/04/2020 09:02
Mango habanero is God tier too honestly
LeBrunch James   🥂 07/04/2020 08:38
Wing stop by far
LeBrunch James   🥂 07/04/2020 03:59
Comment section is in shambles https:// twitter.com/onlyfanobtaine r/status/1247193203050254339   …
Lebrunch James 06/04/2020 10:30
Can anyone tell me what the difference between 3 musketeers and MilkyWay is?
LeBrunch James   🥂 05/04/2020 03:55
Free Nationals + a Joint on this fine Sunday morning
Free Nationals + a Joint on this fine Sunday morning<br>http://pic.twitter.com/9QUd3Rc3O7
LeBrunch James   🥂 05/04/2020 01:47
Tpain and lil Jon having a fuckin blast lol
LeBrunch James   🥂 04/04/2020 07:42
Truly being tested today.
LeBrunch James   🥂 04/04/2020 05:26
This Vino hittin
LeBrunch James   🥂 04/04/2020 02:49
Nip bumpin, medicated oreo cake pop consumed, Joint rolled & glass of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir poured. Quarantine or not, this shit ideal
LeBrunch James   🥂 03/04/2020 10:48
Me last week: "I'm not watching this #AllAmerican shit psht" Me Now: "Oliva Baker and Spencer James BELONG to together!!!!"
LeBrunch James   🥂 03/04/2020 07:09
AYO cut it out
LeBrunch James   🥂 03/04/2020 06:08
Bro if I see Bron doing this shit imma be hurt
LeBrunch James   🥂 03/04/2020 06:06
This is just like when YE put out that Poopity Doop shit
LeBrunch James   🥂 03/04/2020 06:01
How long till I see this nigga from my HS doing this dumb ass dance all over his IG
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