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OMGGOPWTF 25/12/2019 08:24
Remember how President Obama and Mrs Obama were treated? Looks like Karma has a last name, Justice. Her name is #KarmaJustice
The Trailblazer: Justice Charles Z. Smith Sun, 02 Apr 2017 15:09:00 GMT
In 1967, at a Seattle Human Rights Commission conference for high school students, Justice Charles Z. Smith spoke passionately against the belief that "[t]he greatness of the United States of America ...
bisbille 25/01/2020 11:49
Tu sais ce qu'on dit ? "The chase is better than the catch" #karmaJustice et sa soeur
krista 04/08/2019 10:16
John McCain justice beyond the grave, he push you over and you broke your shoulder! Karma justice. #KarmaJustice
bisbille 26/01/2020 09:38
#KarmaJustice don't discriminate and you will not have to choose and then you'll have to pay your dues too !
bisbille 18/02/2020 01:37
#Harris and #Booker must resign for their roles in the #JussieSmollet case! The have pushed a weak mind into criminal action Their mobile was a project laws they were pushing about lynching ?! Huh? Yep ..in 2020?! #KarmaJustice Will Jussie sing a new song !?
Lawrence Sykes 29/09/2019 12:08
Press Release 21st June 2019 https://www. smealliance.org/blog/press-rel ease-21st-june-2019   โ€ฆ #karmajustice #fraud #forgery #bankster #crimes
bisbille 04/07/2019 05:45
She abuse of her political immunity but doing so she pile up #KARMAjustice on her back where she had strapped a mattress ! #KamalaHarris2020 slept with ugly man to get ahead in her career #KamalaHarris hide sexual misconduct in her administration Much more to come IMHO
I cannot wait to open up the next agency scandals! You can run but youโ€™re not going to be able to hide from this one! 3 years of my familyโ€™s life ruined, but it my turn to ruin all that are involved!!! #karmajustice https:// twitter.com/njdotcom/statu s/1137683972392177666   โ€ฆ
jeff lampert 14/04/2019 04:25
#PGcrimes are the one at the top: on the dorsal fin: particularly nasty! @janea216 @tmealham @fcabeachclub @FarndonDavid #karmajustice is closer than you think!!
kenyasue 14/03/2019 09:39
@KarmaJustice served @CrimesMelan @CrimesofUS @WritersofColour https:// twitter.com/tariqnasheed/s tatus/1106252754572328960   โ€ฆ
https://www. cnn.com/2019/02/23/med ia/alabama-newspaper-klan/index.html   โ€ฆ #KarmaJustice Replaced by an African American Woman. Good move!
Marcia 23/02/2019 01:35
Hurry #KarmaJustice Make a hard rain fall. Wipe the smug right off their faces, and replace it with gut churning terror of a personal come to Jesus moment.
Maga Believer 2020 31/10/2018 12:50
My warrior response is "put him down." He's had too many days upon this earth creating destruction on this planet & its people. On the other hand in my justice dept, I'd love to apply the Left's "mob rule" to this circumstance. Lastly, let's just admire #KARMAJUSTICE
David Edwards 10/09/2018 11:17
Karma. Who knew she had a name? #Justice #KarmaJustice #ComingSoon #MerrickGarland
Karma.  Who knew she had a name?    #Justice #KarmaJustice #ComingSoon #MerrickGarland<br>http://pic.twitter.com/eEX6KC9C6C
Mike Fisher 22/05/2018 12:41
That's #karmajustice
This has greeted my week with a good chuckle, cudos to @FINGALOLS for the heads up! #AltRightTears #CryBabyRacists #TheTableHasTurned #KarmaJustice
This has greeted my week with a good chuckle, cudos to @FINGALOLS for the heads up! #AltRightTears #CryBabyRacists #TheTableHasTurned #KarmaJustice <br>http://pic.twitter.com/EioKIxH5Rs
Alisha King 28/12/2017 06:14
Publisher breaks contract with human dumpster-fire over unpublishable book, the ensuing litigation makes all of the editor's manuscript comments public record. Thread Review: 10/10, would read again, would recommend to a friend. #Schadenfreude #KarmaJustice https:// twitter.com/sarahmei/statu s/946349190958915584   โ€ฆ
Bean 30/10/2017 04:08
Looked up the meaning of the song Karma Chamleon. Kinda interesting... #karmajustice #lovesongs #music
Looked up the meaning of the song Karma Chamleon. Kinda interesting... #karmajustice #lovesongs #music<br>http://pic.twitter.com/AzZ7y1ba3M
Driver in Barcelona terror attack shot dead, Spanish police say - Fox News KarmaJustice @__0Hour1_ https:// apple.news/AmCMSLz6_S5Oc7 CmFk1DYyw   โ€ฆ
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