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fluous 13/07/2020 10:53
who do we think is being sent home tomorrow? Mel saying "we're so proud of you" as if speaking to a younger person and Jock frowning makes me think it's Laura #MasterchefAU
MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo has listed his sprawling South Australian home while his restaurant Orana remains closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
55% of Scots don't believe a word, it's nationist tripe. When we had the 2014 ref, we got told they would Veto, now they won't? It's #projectfear
MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo’s spectacular ‘soul restoring retreat’ in the Adelaide Hills, jointly owned with wife Lauren Fried, remains on the market months after it was first listed for sale. The ...
Amie Wee 13/07/2020 10:49
Anyone else reckon Jock would get nasty after a few lines with the boys, and Andy wins most likely to have peed on an electric fence as a dare? #MasterchefAU
Yet another magical dessert served up by Reynold Poernomo has fans convinced he’s set to take out the MasterChef: Back to Win crown.
Jake Watt 13/07/2020 10:39
Leaked behind-the-scenes footage of Jock teaching Andy how to articulate his feedback on the dishes of the #MasterChefAU contestants:
A national peak body for indigenous bush foods workers says celebrity chef Jock Zonfrillo should hand over a native plant food database that his charity was paid 1.25m to develop.
Tracy 13/07/2020 10:21
The winner might be the one who gives the best Fuck Off death stare to Jock and Andy rather than worrying about them. Tonight that would be Reynald. They’ve successfully rattled Laura and Callum. #MasterChefAU
The family home of Sir Winston Churchill has welcomed a new four-legged resident, in keeping with a feline tradition started in 1966.
Harsh 13/07/2020 10:20
What are the jock Randy Orton Vs rtruth
What are the jock Randy Orton Vs rtruth <br>
mysweet 13/07/2020 10:20
How good would a few memory, quiz and strategy based challenges have been on. It's #BBAU not bloody best jock au.
ellenback 13/07/2020 10:20
#MasterChefAU Jock is digging this choux!
Corey 13/07/2020 10:18
Jock being so excited for Emelia’s pastry is everything tonight. #MasterchefAU
SpikyTrap 13/07/2020 10:10
If Mel left Andy & Jock unattended. #MasterchefAU
Mitch Stewart 13/07/2020 10:07
Andy and Jock when they psych out another contestant #MasterChefAU
Kelli W 13/07/2020 10:03
Is it just me, or does 'I've never tasted that' have a negative connotation from Jock and Andy? #MasterchefAU
Anusha 13/07/2020 10:03
Andy and Jock are enough to demoralise most cooks tonight. Callum is made of sterner stuff . Hope he doesn't second guess and overdo anything. #MasterChefAU
tvbear 13/07/2020 10:02
I don’t get why Jock & Andy keep throwing explicitly negative questions at everyone. “But what if it fails?” Really? It’s like they just love seeing the excitement & pride drain out of their prey #masterchefau
Karen Hardy 13/07/2020 10:00
I think Andy and Jock just get the shits when the contestants do something they could never do. Andy particularly. #MasterChefAU
India Rose 13/07/2020 10:00
Jock's face is saying this: #MasterChefAU
sarah 13/07/2020 09:58
Here come the positivity duo that is Jock and Andy #MasterchefAU
kyou 13/07/2020 09:58
i swear all my villagers are into exercising no matter jocks or not
Jock McDonnell 13/07/2020 07:52
yeah but #brexit means #indyref2 - right ? naw ?
𝚋. ⋆  ☂ ˚。 13/07/2020 06:18
so erm first person to get it right wins 10nmt it's a jock! 3 tries only!! i'll drop another hint in 30mins if no one gets it
so erm first person to get it right wins 10nmt  it's a jock! 3 tries only!! i'll drop another hint in 30mins if no one gets it  <br>
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