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Rockies PR 16/06/2019 02:43
Charlie Blackmon is the first player in franchise history with three consecutive four-hit games and the first player in MLB to do so since Rafael Furcal May 13-15, 2007.
When the episode begins, the exes are getting along well, and Raf is even helping Jane find an apartment. Then they run into the new gal he’s dating: the impossibly pretty Julie (played by Chicago P.D ...
Rafael Garcia Jr. 16/06/2019 02:33
So you ain’t gonna kick out Nolan Arenado for throwing his bat and arguing balls and strike but Machado says one word and gets thrown out #bushleageumpries @MLBUA
And while it's not revealed who Rafael is dating on Jane the Virgin, that he's moving on could spell trouble for Team Jafael. And while she told Rafael that she needed to explore things with Michael, ...
Rafael 16/06/2019 12:25
Will Jane Gloriana Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni) ever get back together? Fans are really hoping so after Rodriguez posted a throwback “Jafael” photo on Instagram. Some ...
Rafael Hernández 15/06/2019 11:55
Argentina should be out in the group stage, so Messi can rest for Barcelona next season with Valv… Nevermind. Good Lord.
Remind yourself that they have always been the person you fell in love with. I am without a doubt a Jafael shipper but I’ve also been a fan of Villadero (the Michael and Jane counter-ship). I just ...
Rafael Hernández 15/06/2019 11:47
The worst decisions in Messi’s career: Returning to Argentina after retiring and endorsing Valverde to stay at Barcelona.
One person wrote: "Michael deserves the world, but Rafael has been trynna give her the world and I just - I can’t," another person tweeted: "Jafael has to stay together. I really hope they don’t do a ...
Rafael Hernández 15/06/2019 10:59
Valverde at Barcelona, Scaloni at Argentina. Messi just can’t catch a break these days, it’s like he’s cursed.
Rafael Hernández 15/06/2019 10:17
Lo Celso is the first teammate that can properly exchange passes with Messi for Argentina in 3 years.
Rafael Siek 15/06/2019 09:42
Brazilian literature: I will die without knowing if Capitu did actually cheat on me https:// twitter.com/existentialcom s/status/1139570761528561669   …
#Statcast 15/06/2019 04:06
The @RedSox Rafael Devers made this sensational, nearly no-look catch on a pop fly Friday night. He had to run 111 feet in 5.9 seconds, and he did it with a 28.0 ft/sec sprint speed. That's above the MLB average of 27 ft/sec and his season average of 26.9 ft/sec.
rafael 15/06/2019 01:22
it isn't that bad *kibum's voice*
it isn't that bad *kibum's voice*<br>http://pic.twitter.com/YXfP7lAjyO
Jonny 15/06/2019 12:26
Not a better sound on this planet than SJP. RAFA RAFAEL RAFAEL BENITEZ.....TO SEE THE BLAYDON RACES...OH ME LADS ....#nufc https:// twitter.com/mhardysport/st atus/995700414480900097   …
jafael's wedding planner 15/06/2019 08:53
i never lose
i never lose<br>http://pic.twitter.com/q0oxMPKf5U
tennis news chan 1 15/06/2019 06:50
Do YOU think Rafael Nadal will ever win @Wimbledon again?! Let me know in the comments below tennis fans! #tennis #tenis #nadal
Jared Carrabis 15/06/2019 12:52
Rafael Devers, Red Sox third left baseman. https:// twitter.com/redsoxstats/st atus/1139696310032982016   …
Rafael Brito 14/06/2019 04:20
Japanese Catholic woman in the church in her traditional clothes
Japanese Catholic woman in the church in her traditional clothes<br>http://pic.twitter.com/2RLoEZln5B
Rafael Afamefune 14/06/2019 11:06
Something inside of him has snapped. A sibling's betrayal is on another level of pain.
aj rafael 14/06/2019 04:21
Jeremy Lin worked hard to get where he’s at today, which now happens to be on a championship team. They rotated 8-9 guys all playoffs but he would’ve been ready if he was needed. There are 450 players in the NBA. Raps signed him because of his skills and leadership. Deserved
Rafael Mauna   📀 14/06/2019 02:13
So yeah, We already have the Dragon Quest XI Hero Stock icon in the #SuperSmashBrosUltimate Site, but... How will the other Heroes might look? This is my take on them! - Luminary (DQ XI) - Erdrick (DQ III) - Solo (DQ IV) - Munchie's Dad (DQ VIII)
So yeah, We already have the Dragon Quest XI Hero Stock icon in the #SuperSmashBrosUltimate  Site, but...  How will the other Heroes might look? This is my take on them! - Luminary (DQ XI) - Erdrick (DQ III) - Solo (DQ IV) - Munchie's Dad (DQ VIII)<br>http://pic.twitter.com/2AJiT1j0cL
seni 13/06/2019 10:39
“she’s not you jane, i love you. i’ve tried to stop but i can't and i don’t want to” jane and rafael's love is eternal #Jafael
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