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﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 15/09/2019 01:58
Always remember the destroyer of joy (physical pleasure): death.
The app designed “for Muslims by Muslims” includes prayer times, Islamic quotes, reminders, faith-based daily passages, a halal food finder and social messaging. Now it has launched its new feature ...
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 15/09/2019 10:51
Al’ laah hum’magh firli war Hamnee “O Allah forgive me and have Mercy on me”
According to the Channel 4 report, Rawdah's tweets range from inspirational Islamic quotes to coordination with potential new members to pictures of pizza and her favorite football team, the Denver ...
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 14/09/2019 03:49
Ikhlaas is to forget the vision of creation by constantly looking at the Creator.
Inspirational Islamic quotes and sayings of the prophet Mohammed are there to uplift those Muslims who feel drifted away from the true Islam teachings based on respect, understanding and tolerance.
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 15/09/2019 03:32
Beware of the prayer of the victim of an injustice, for there is no barrier between him and Allah Almighty.
The subscribers were selected through a computer-based random selection, on the digital value added services like the daily devotionals, Islamic quotes, sermons, Islamic songs, prayers, Islamic ...
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 15/09/2019 12:29
Islam beautifies anything, bring islam in your home, in your life, in your relations, in your mind …. Islam will beautify it.
Featured on the site is a picture of the Palestinian flag and sermons from Islamic scholars. Junaid has also posted Islamic quotes on Facebook. One says in English and Arabic: ‘Sufficient for us is ...
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 15/09/2019 01:23
Give Allah what’s right, not what’s left.
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 15/09/2019 01:42
If you hear the call to prayer, then repeat behind the caller.
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 15/09/2019 11:19
Most Bid^ah (innovations) are innovations of misguidance.
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 14/09/2019 12:30
Actions depend on their intention.
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 14/09/2019 07:40
Allah (SWT) is sufficient for me and He is the Best Helper.
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 15/09/2019 01:28
Say Alhamdulillah when you sit with your family, Because there is someone somewhere who wishing to be with his family.
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 14/09/2019 07:09
Give to the one who denied you.
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 14/09/2019 06:28
Nothing is truly permanent in this world. people die. memories fade. perspectives shift. so don’t worry, it will pass.
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 14/09/2019 03:32
Dua is the most underrated, underused tool in our life. Why are we not using it to its fullest potential?
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 15/09/2019 12:15
“If anyone of you improves his religion then his good deeds will be rewarded ten times to seven hundred times for each good…”
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 15/09/2019 01:04
Abdullah bin Al-Haarith said, “I didn’t see anyone who smiled more than the Messenger of Allah (s).”
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 15/09/2019 11:35
As we move closer to Allah, we’ll find the strength to trust Him and our faith will grow even stronger.
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 15/09/2019 10:59
You won’t understand why it’s so hard to change people until you realize how hard it is to change yourself.
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 15/09/2019 09:54
When your good deeds please you and your bad deeds cause you grief, you are a believer.
﷽ Islamic Quotes ™ 15/09/2019 08:20
Knowledge is the battery. Faith is the charger.
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