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0717 islam feedyeti.comislamic values feedyeti.com1200px Al Haram ash Sharif. Temple mount.   9031569655 feedyeti.comCrypto Comes To Islam 07 17 2018 2048x1024 feedyeti.comspecials islam Mecca fanack AFP1024PX feedyeti.comkaaba feedyeti.comIslam+ +Hajj+in+Mecca+ +300+dpi+ +dreamstime 5561619 feedyeti.comAFP Getty 534141415 feedyeti.comFoto Kabah pada Home haji feedyeti.com1200px Touba moschee feedyeti.comgrand mosque2 feedyeti.comkaab feedyeti.com1200px The Kaaba   Flickr   Al Jazeera English feedyeti.comTemple Mount feedyeti.comcoran feedyeti.com1200px Badshahi Mosque July 1 2005 pic32 by Ali Imran %281%29 feedyeti.com1200px Islamic Center of America feedyeti.comsheikh zayed mosque abu dhabi uae

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Tarek Fatah 15/09/2019 03:03
Why are young Muslims leaving Islam - ⁦@TelegraphIndia⁩ https://www. young-muslims-leaving-islam/cid/1704203   …
When Islam Is Not a Religion in America Mon, 09 Sep 2019 07:25:00 GMT
This question is regularly posed by populists seeking to restrict Muslims in America. If Islam is not a religion—if it is a militant ideological system, for example—then some argue it is not subject ...
David Vance 15/09/2019 08:28
Islam is literally bulldozing our architectural heritage. We are slowly falling into a Caliphate unless we stop this. https://www. news/historic-school-building-bulldozed-new-16909320?   …
SRINAGAR: Asking children not to attend classes and warning parents against sending their wards to schools is the biggest disservice to Islam, Farooq Khan, an advisor to the Jammu and Kashmir governor ...
This fraud keeps her lips sealed when Hindu and Sikh girls are abducted, raped, forcibly converted and married off in the name of Islam. @malala is a disgrace. https:// 1172868495417237506   …
The incredible journey of 12-year-old singer Luke Islam on "America's Got Talent" came to a close on Wednesday's semifinals results show, when the Garden City South youngster was not among the five ...
Salman Nizami 15/09/2019 05:26
Those who wear t-shirts in Delhi & Burkha in Kashmir, Abuse Prophet in Delhi & preach Islam in Kashmir, Atheist in Delhi & Muslim in Kashmir. They are dangerous, liars, hypocrites whose survival is based on fake propaganda & cheap publicity. Never TRUST them!
A Michigan-based Baptist church canceled its anti-Islam 9/11 event on the eve of the anniversary after criticism from lawmakers and Christian scholars alike, according to a news report. Bloomfield ...
There is reward for kindness to every living thing :MUHAMMAD (PBUH)
There is reward for kindness to every living thing :MUHAMMAD (PBUH)<br>
It comes as no surprise that Luke Islam is powering his way through Season 14 of Americas Got Talent. With his incredible vocals and enigmatic stage presence, the 12-year-old singer has been an ...
Allah Islam Quran 15/09/2019 02:30
Being a Muslim is a biggest blessing.
Have you ever spent some time speaking to Hindu,Sikh&Christian girls in your own Pakistan, who were forcefully converted to Islam? Have you ever spoken to Lawyers&HR Activists who are aware of brutalities on Baloch, Pashtun, Mohajir, Sindhis? What’s yr agenda on Kashmir @Malala? https:// 1172868495417237506   …
Ishkaran Singh Bhandari 15/09/2019 12:55
Noble Prize to Malala was the Global Islam lobby working, to create a woman figure to speak on their Behalf. Nothing more, Nothing less.
Words of islam 14/09/2019 07:51
Retweet this please, I want it go go round to every Muslim on twitter
Retweet this please, I want it go go round to every Muslim on twitter <br>
Allah Islam Quran 15/09/2019 09:00
Keep praying for what you want. Impossibility and possibility are merely concepts of your mind. To Allah nothing is impossible!
Allah Islam Quran 15/09/2019 02:01
A Mother’s Prayer is like Heaven’s Air. RT if you love your mother.
Islamic lifestyle 15/09/2019 01:30
No excuse for prayer... MashaAllah
No excuse for prayer... MashaAllah <br>
Islam Abd Elfatah 14/09/2019 10:28
It's my birthday
It's my birthday  <br>
TRT World 15/09/2019 01:00
"A cursory glance at confessional history in China reveals a world of Islamic scholarship and literature." Opinion | Shahrukh Khan https://www. s-1300-year-history-in-china-29583   …
Amrita Bhinder 15/09/2019 05:55
“Why are young Muslims leaving Islam - Extracted from Who Killed Liberal Islam by Hasan Suroor, with permission from Rupa Publications“ via @Telegraph India https://www. young-muslims-leaving-islam/cid/1704203   …
Rizwan Channa 15/09/2019 02:19
Centuries old inter-faith harmony is at risk in my beloved Sindh. Islam neither allows nor teaches to attack religious places of minorities. Strongly condemn #Ghotki incident. Culprits must be brought to behind the bars.
Ishkaran Singh Bhandari 15/09/2019 01:12
If Malala Noble Prize as wanted to study in Pakistan- Then all women removing Hijab, going football, driving car, opposing Female Genital Mutilation in Saudi Arabia, Iran etc by risking Jail should get Noble Prize. They won’t. Malala was carefullly selected for Project Islam.
Masyi baby 15/09/2019 11:28
Penis are private part and if they show em,most of us will probably traumatised. Hair is something islam told us to covered fully but some of us is not ready and is in the phase of trying to wear it perfectly so tell your mom to think wisely and have empathy thanks. https:// s/1172794950267785217   …
Irena Akbar 14/09/2019 08:25
The bigot predictably jumps from language to religion.Yes, my ancestors willingly converted to Islam & I am proud of their decision. Alhamdulillah! I’d never want to go back to whatever faith they must have practised. And my ancestors didn’t run away from their land, unlike yours https:// r/status/1172967902653272064   …
Why young Muslims are leaving Islam—"Because Misogyny, homophobia, stoning people, and killing apostates don’t suddenly become 'respectable' when put in a holy book." "Liberal" #IslamoApologia is on the wrong side of history. https://www. young-muslims-leaving-islam/cid/1704203   … #AwesomeWithoutAllah
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