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bonnie 27/02/2020 07:53
Dear ryan. Well said. The problem they’re having dealing with is the fact that nobody was paying attention & now everyone’s paying attention that’s why Cory Booker never got anywhere bc he proposed bill to lessen the price of drugs but he voted against it #InSolidarity
Maybe the two respected teachers will return to their rightful positions. Or maybe this fire will die out, and all will remain the same. But for today, this noise reminds me of why I continue to stand ...
We're standing with the 850+ professionals at @SCE unionizing with @IFPTE Local 20! #1u #InSolidarity https:// 233075137282560000   …
A group of about 30 protesters set up on the Gardiners Road rail overpass in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs and the Mohawk Nation Thursday morning. This comes a day after significant ...
Jim MacFawn 27/02/2020 03:32
Stand strong! #InSolidarity
Four people are facing mischief charges in relation to the Hamilton rail blockade in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs that halted train traffic near York Boulevard for 24 hours earlier ...
Anna 27/02/2020 03:12
This country actually had a chance to have @jeremycorbyn as their PM and ... What fuckery. Here's @jeremycorbyn talking about religious freedom and how we must not repeat the mistakes and bloodshed of partition. #DelhiPogroms2020 #insolidarity #Delhigenocide
Demonstrators temporarily blocked a rail spur line in Vancouver on Sunday. But as Kristen Robinson reports, some are starting to question the protesters' motives. But it’s all about keeping Putin in ...
Inkstringer 27/02/2020 09:22
#InSolidarity (with sleeplessness, among other things)
Indigenous and climate activists expressed outrage over the raid, which came after Canadian Prime Minsiter Justin Trudeau said Friday that all railway blockades across the country in support of the ...
Drake. 27/02/2020 04:24
I love seeing this aspect of the NFL tbh. #insolidarity #takecareofyomentalsandyallchicken https:// atus/1232799637846794240   …
Roz B. 27/02/2020 12:01
This! #inTheRealHeights #insolidarity #intheheights https:// x/status/1231596466617167872   …
Dr. Hedy Fry 26/02/2020 08:07
Wearing pink today to show support for anyone affected by bullying. This day began when students in Halifax wore pink to support a gay student bullied for wearing a pink shirt. #PinkShirtDay #insolidarity
Wearing pink today to show support for anyone affected by bullying. This day began when students in Halifax wore pink to support a gay student bullied for wearing a pink shirt. #PinkShirtDay #insolidarity <br>
spencer   🌹 26/02/2020 08:05
listening to you makes my blood pressure go up. luckily for me, i’ll be able to get free treatment for the years you’ve knocked off my lifespan with bernie’s medicare for all plan.
young atsme 26/02/2020 06:31
That debate just showed me that the democratic candidates are entirely too prideful and selfish and will lose us the election because of their insolidarity (i think i made that word up) omg yall are so dumb
Danielle Perkins Manning 26/02/2020 02:12
Gone from our sight but never from our hearts God bless his family on this anniversary #insolidarity #racialinjustice https:// /1232663859586064386   …
Kayla Phan 26/02/2020 07:27
Listen to the issues facing communities outside of your own Ask how you can support these groups #insolidarity https:// us/1232380796574392320   …
A7G 26/02/2020 04:13
Like we’ve been saying the Future is NOW! #youthleaders #Indigenousyouth #Indigenousled #insolidarity #wetsuwetenstrong
Like we’ve been saying the Future is NOW!  #youthleaders #Indigenousyouth #Indigenousled  #insolidarity #wetsuwetenstrong<br>
Great Scot-ish 25/02/2020 08:16
#BisexualMenExist was there a question of existence?! if so, flick your testicles and quickly remember...#InSolidarity
Just read your tweets. One of my work wives is Trans didnt realise you have so much to deal with. Hats off to you all. No wonder she craves a coffee in the morning. #insolidarity.
sneha 25/02/2020 02:12
another day and another chance to support a grad union. #insolidarity https:// s/1232304199016251394   …
Daniel Santos 23/02/2020 09:38
Teachers stand with you! #InSolidarity
I see you! I appreciate you! Keep being you! #InSolidarity
I need your help. This is the LAST week to fundraise to get my name on the ballot and be the FIRST native american on a mayoral ballot in Ga history. Please visit   to help out. Help me put in a living wage and progressive values #NotMeUs #InSolidarity
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