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iKON leave YG 15/09/2019 08:05
Behind that chair is hanbins room.......
Behind that chair is hanbins room.......<br>http://pic.twitter.com/q0XDmowoQd
Three months after B.I left South Korean boy band iKON over drug-taking allegations, the 22-year-old now has a chance to clear his name. The country's media said the police will question him in coming ...
Another of Yunhyeong's childhood friends posted this
Another of Yunhyeong's childhood friends posted this <br>http://pic.twitter.com/PDXKaDCvpk
SUWON, Sept. 14 (Yonhap) -- Police plan to summon B.I, former leader of K-pop band iKON, next week to question him about an allegation of drug use, officials said Saturday. The Gyeonggi Nambu ...
free ikon 14/09/2019 03:46
i’m gonna cry
Aspen Skiing Co. officials used an annual gathering of the local business community to revel in last ski season and urge a friendly crowd of a few hundred people to embrace Ikon Pass holders in coming ...
AL ° iKON AU   📌 15/09/2019 06:18
MOOD: SONG YUNHYEONG with his gauntlet. And in that moment, we decided to stan forever.
Former iKON member B.I. will be called in for questioning by the police next week. On September 14, the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency confirmed that they plan to call in B.I. next week ...
ikon's 4th anniv 14/09/2019 07:41
junhoe paved the way https:// twitter.com/hjbyjdc7/statu s/1172949964437241858   …
Fans of multi-resort lift passes will have even more choice this winter – the American-based Ikon Pass is expanding into Europe and has signed up the famous Swiss resort of Zermatt, home to the ...
#4EverWith7KON  🌹 15/09/2019 05:56
iKON: This has been iKON! Yunhyeong: Fvck this! iKON: hey we're not supposed to say that on cam. Bobby: good job Yunhyeong-ah. Im outta here Lmao
Look, Yunhyeong wasn't even looking at the fingers and realising something is wrong. He just picked those two particular fingers, slowly raising his eyes at the managers with the sneaky savage smile like an innocent guy he is
iKON PICS 14/09/2019 03:42
SOMEONE PLEASE HOLD ME<br>http://pic.twitter.com/MUJMmtoydg
[CHANSTAGRAM] Chanwoo's IG story update "4th Anniversary "
[CHANSTAGRAM] Chanwoo's IG story update "4th Anniversary "<br>http://pic.twitter.com/oz4MwCO9LR
ikon's vlive ended in a middle finger, we stan
α 15/09/2019 01:55
[HELP RT] WTS Gelang Hanbin Unofficial #아이콘 #4EverWith7KON 5.5K / pcs Dark Blue Light Blue Detail & Order please check on shopee : https:// shopee.co.id/product/845045 83/2714057953?smtt=0.0.9   …
iKON IS SE7EN   🌱 15/09/2019 12:48
CALLING ALL OT7 STANS Starting tomorrow we need to be fully prepared, receipts, naver accounts, korean comments, and ourselves. We don't have any idea when and how many articles might be released after but we need to be ready. Please spread, THANK YOU
free ikon 14/09/2019 05:23
because some jinhwan fansites were acting up, heres a binhwan edit #4EverWith7KON
iKON is 7; hanz 15/09/2019 04:42
we all know hanbin is using this since the day 1
we all know hanbin is using this since the day 1<br>http://pic.twitter.com/H6aQEwbiWl
iKON PHILIPPINES 15/09/2019 03:26
Where ya at! Get your freebies now!
Where ya at! Get your freebies now!<br>http://pic.twitter.com/UAibkDYRou
ikon's 4th anniv 15/09/2019 04:42
bobby: for treasuring us that are lacking in many ways, i'm always thankful BITCH HE LACKING BRAINCELLS TF DOES HE MEAN "LACKING" SHOW ME WHEREE
ikon 15/09/2019 12:16
i'm going to cry. https:// twitter.com/hinazashi/stat us/1040595156372582400   …
BiNaniWon: iKON ➐➐➐ 15/09/2019 06:37
Jinhwan said he is the MATHYUNG so He set the rules! (he made the promise about the vlive relay by 2s & interrupted by Yoyo's ) im sorry jinani as the eldest, u r too uwu
Just J 15/09/2019 07:14
Donghyuk: We are working hard to prepare for comeback/ activities. We're taking care of our health, practicing and preparing. We will come to find iKONICs with new grown up and tough image, so please wait for us a little bit #iKON #김동혁
MRSNOONA   💜 15/09/2019 06:52
iKON 4TH ANNIVERSARY VLIVE. It doesn't feel the same without Hanbin there, i need hanbin to join them #iKON4thANNIVERSARY
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