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Aaron Crowell 22/11/2019 11:30
Teaching a private lesson this morning. Love making this drive! #luckywelivehawaii #hawaiimusicschool #ukulelelessonsatthebeach https://www. instagram.com/p/B5L6welHoLq/ ?igshid=1xabxt88p0x0t   …
Field Guide: Wahiawa Tue, 25 Nov 2008 16:00:00 GMT
“We offer the full experience for musicians,” says owner and long-time bass player Andrew Kitakis. You can even take your instrument next door to Hawaii Music School for music lessons. 101 N.
Aaron Crowell 06/03/2019 09:58
Today’s lick is actually a guitar lick. It’s from the song “Heaven” by Los Lonely Boys. Works pretty good for Ukulele too! #lickoftheday #hawaiimusicschool #ukulele https://www. instagram.com/p/BursboRnYSV/ ?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=a91zg3iehrm1   …
Aaron Crowell 27/02/2019 11:59
Ok... Request for Cozy and Frolicky... Here’s my best swing at that one. Vocabulary is continuing to evolve here. Key of F with some palm muting. #lickoftheday #hawaiimusicschool #ukulele https://www. instagram.com/p/BuZ4x9NDLc1/ ?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=mwuncrodvj6v   …
Aaron Crowell 13/02/2019 01:55
Got SUPER busy yesterday... So here’s 2licks for 2sday! Good to use for an intro for the key of C. #lickoftheday #hawaiimusicschool #ukulele #2lick2sday https://www. instagram.com/p/Btzd-UfH-SF/ ?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=7cp5xf9xjn76   …
HawaiiMusicSchool 14/12/2018 07:00
Here's a I-vi-ii-V in G. This is just to show how we can play a basic progression but use different voicings to make it sound more interesting. In music monotony is not desirable. Lol! #lickoftheday #hawaiimusicschool #ukulele
HawaiiMusicSchool 13/12/2018 08:03
It's been awhile since I did a Ka'au Crater Boys lick of the day... This is from "Here's a Lei" off of the Tropical Hawaiian Day album. Played over E min and D min. #lickoftheday #hawaiimusicschool #ukulele
HawaiiMusicSchool 12/12/2018 05:39
Here's a lick from Pandanus by the Peter Moon Band. It's a pretty cool lick due to the timing and string changes. I teach the full song on my website hawaiimusicschool.com   . Sign up today to start your free 2 week trial! #lickoftheday #hawaiimusicschool #ukulele
Aaron Crowell 30/11/2018 05:38
Here's a lick with some double stops and pull-offs of the minor Pentatonic persuasion over C/ C dominant... These are fun little "throw em out there" type licks that work over all kinds of stuff. #lickoftheday #hawaiimusicschool  #ukulele
HawaiiMusicSchool 29/11/2018 06:50
Today's Lick is from Eric Claptons Tears in Heaven. This is kind of a teaser lick, as I will be posting a tutorial for the full song on my YouTube channel HawaiiMusicSchool in the near future... #lickoftheday #hawaiimusicschool #ukulele
Aaron Crowell 28/11/2018 08:51
Had to try and get this out on my lunch break! Lol! It's a bluesy little lick in C. Sorry for the brevity... Time was scarce today! #lickoftheday #hawaiimusicschool #ukulele
Zac Steimle 07/10/2018 11:41
@hawaiimusicschool playing a Oceana Ukulele #oceanaukuleles #hawaiinmusicschool #jazzukulele #livealoha #ukelife #aquilastrings #nwaloha #oceanaukes #hawaianmusic https://www. facebook.com/OceanaUkuleles /videos/287639128745600/   …
Aaron Paterson 15/08/2018 03:03
How to properly strum ukulele to 'SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW' Big Iz style. by Aaron Crowell of HawaiiMusicSchool. Share please, Aloha https:// youtu.be/bwMCdlVvIHg  
Zac Steimle 16/07/2018 03:06
Another song with Kimo Hussi Arron Crowell and Neil Chin @nealchin808 @hawaiimusicschool Arron is on a Oceana guitar and Kimo is on an Hortegs ukulele. Thank you Strum!#hawaiianmusic #hawaiilife #nwaloha... https://www. facebook.com/OceanaUkuleles /videos/10156748399954701/   …
Zac Steimle 16/07/2018 12:39
Aaron Crowell of @hawaiimusicschool and Neil Chin @nealchin808 jamming after a concert for strum! Aaron is on my Oceana guitar! • • • • #strum #ukulele #guitar #hawaiianmusic #nwaloha #playmusic #livefolk... https://www. facebook.com/OceanaUkuleles /videos/10156747182684701/   …
pam mandel 08/10/2017 09:25
This is @hawaiimusicschool and I dig his philosophy of music. Mess it up, get it wrong, make it yours. You'll get … ift.tt/2xsuGia  
This is @hawaiimusicschool and I dig his philosophy of music. Mess it up, get it wrong, make it yours. You'll get …  http:// ift.tt/2xsuGia     <br>http://pic.twitter.com/Gbn1KJZdiY
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