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Andrew Hamilton 04/03/2020 01:57
If there is “Knowledge” then there must also be “Ignorance” sadly. Perhaps ignorance is rooted in fear, misusing knowledge to build walls around otherness, which prevents humanity from achieving true form: wholeness, harmony, and radiance. #haikubonus4 #haiku63
Andrew Hamilton 20/02/2020 04:43
I dedicate #haiku63 to Robert Hass and his poetry collections, “Field Guide,” “Praise,” and “Human Wishes,” which have influenced my writing style, thoughts on form, and my philosophy on semiology and science. Thank you Bob and Brenda!
Andrew Hamilton 20/02/2020 03:59
#haiku63 is one of my favorites. The Haiku applies Ferdinand de Saussure’s theory of semiology to science. After words like gravity, mitochondria, and electromagnetic are stripped away then only universal phenomena remains. These words are names for the divinity we are uncoding.
Haikus by William 23/08/2013 11:40
Class in twenty five I prepare for a battle Sole weapon: coffee #haiku63
Haikus by William 26/06/2013 01:38
Slept in a teepee. All alone brothers left me. Loneliness I am. #loneliness #haiku63?
Haikus by William 29/05/2013 02:34
Watched a good movie. 500 days of summer. A sweet summer film. #haiku63
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