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Here's a list of things Kai is - Not a victim - A pedophile - Child groomer - Doormat - Fucking Gross - A liar - Just as guilty as Greg Short list, but feel free to add on.
You know Jonathan Van Ness (or "JVN") as the sassiest, silliest groomer on Netflix's "Queer Eye." After you read his memoir "Over the Top" (HarperOne) out Sept. 24, you're going to appreciate and ...
Since kai is quitting the internet I hope he shuts down the patreon or he is not just a child groomer pedo but also a scammer https:// us/1175899341204131841   …
SURPRISE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A Surprise couple is warning pet owners their dog left the groomer Saturday evening with his eyes bloodshot and bulging. "We never take our dogs to the groomer," said ...
I raised two daughters. I’m a board certified My Little Pony groomer.
MADISON, Wis. - A Madison pet groomer has qualified as one of six finalists for the prestigious Barkleigh's "Up and Coming Groomers Award," according to a press release. Caitlyn Reed, a groomer with ...
*me a qualified engineer* Indeed : your Cv matches this job Me : okay cool what’s this Indeed : dog groomer https:// atus/1168687533011722246   …
One Windsor dog groomer has lots of fun with her clients — and her business Facebook page shows just how much she loves her job. Sabrina Paniccia runs Shave 'Em and Bathe 'Em out of her home and said ...
Imagine being such a horrible child groomer and sexual predator that a whole ass show needs to be made for your victims to speak out. Using your power over naive girls that like and getting away with it that long. #SurvivingRKelly
KNOTTY Paws clips the competition to score Best Groomer for fourth year running The Sartell groomer and doggie day-care provider gained an extra 500 square feet in the move to its new location, which ...
Lane Carr   🎃 18/09/2019 01:57
KAI THE CHILD GROOMER doesn’t want to be talked about because he doesn’t want the name KAI associated with CHILD GROOMING. He just doesn’t want everyone to know he’s a piece of shit who GROOMS CHILDREN. Just making that clear lmao https:// us/1173781029154373632   …
REMY! (they/them) @ASE 20/09/2019 03:24
There really needs to be some kind of legitimate, mandatory internet safety class in public and private schools. The amount of teenagers and young teens falling for groomer’s traps online makes my stomach churn.
Katie Morrison 22/09/2019 11:25
Let your husband take the dog to the groomer. It will go really well.
Let your husband take the dog to the groomer. It will go really well. <br>
discourse catharsis 20/09/2019 11:07
Here's are some links with red flag behaviors of a child groomer or predator. https://www. -signs-behavior-awareness/   …
The Groomer. 14/09/2019 10:18
Jokes on you. My salary is 559.04 https:// us/1172620120558133248   …
UberFacts 21/09/2019 05:56
This Dad Took the Family Cat to the Groomer and Returned with an Accordion-Shaped Cat https:// the-family-cat-to-the-groomer-and-returned-with-an-accordion-shaped-cat/   …
kya 09/09/2019 08:20
tw / animal abuse a local groomer from Archbold/Bryan, Ohio named Theresa Taylor recently got charged for animal abuse and mistreatment. her business is still up and running by an employee of hers, please spread this so it can be shut down for good: a thread.
camille 06/09/2019 02:49
rt if i should find a new groomer for my milo. no one deserves this :(
Here's a list of things Onision is - A pedophile - A child groomer - An abuser - An animal abuser - Neglectful to his children - A destroyer of wetlands - Homophobic - Transphobic - Biphobic - xenophobic - A racist - Liar - Fucking trash If I missed anything add on please.
Zizz 20/09/2019 09:07
Hey @Twitter, remember when @Onision the child groomer and sexual predator posted this and you did precisely fuck all about it while banning people for far lesser breaches of TOS? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Hey @Twitter, remember when @Onision the child groomer and sexual predator posted this and you did precisely fuck all about it while banning people for far lesser breaches of TOS? Pepperidge Farm remembers. <br>
You Had One Job 16/09/2019 09:48
Groomer, you had one job!
lucky wilbury 19/09/2019 09:17
y’all know that “okay boomer” meme. it’s that but every time onision or kai tweets y’all reply with “okay groomer” #ProtectSarah #Istandwithsarah
Jordan G The Pet Groomer 21/09/2019 07:15
Is she a ps4 player?
Kai 21/09/2019 02:10
Apologies to all my lovely followers if it looks like I removed you; I didn't. My account got restricted until I verified my number due to ~suspicious activity~. But yet a groomer is still on this platform...
Nancy Rector 23/09/2019 02:24
No matter how cool you are, you will never be as cool as this egret surfing on an alligator. https:// /status/1175717123680886784   …
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