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Jens DV 23/06/2014 11:31
@RiotBro @RiotYuka @RiotPaulie *brearhug* Thanks Enjoy the incoming followerwave! Disclaimer - May not actually cause more followers
THE JR !! 25/01/2014 12:40
Hahahah so I got some beliebers in this new followerwave...... I don't think these ones know my past with Beliebers Hahhaha
[BlueMage] 24/03/2013 06:51
#FollowerWave is done
Stephie Babie 27/05/2010 08:37
★♪☆♫ keep the #followerwave going follow my boy @brickzworld Niggas he makes some good music no lie ladies he mad sexy ★♪☆♫
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