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Rolland Chidiac 13/07/2019 04:40
Empathy and compassion are two qualities that the educelebrities are hoping we show them as they try and sell us their brand/product. Nothing wrong with pushback.
Joseph Miller 20/07/2019 01:06
Seems like a lot of tweets lately quoting platitudes from #educelebrities on hiring practices. It just isn't as simple as stating a platitude. Hiring is hard.
Jennifer Gadd 18/07/2019 01:32
Well-respected and listened-to educelebrities are literally touting and advertising this piece, so yeah, I'd say teachers will assume its good stuff.
Rolland Chidiac 18/07/2019 12:08
You are real my man! Adding your name to the list of #educelebrities that haven’t lost your way!
Rolland Chidiac 17/07/2019 08:56
Ken makes some good points below. Think critically and ask your questions. #educelebrities #profitprophets #edubros https:// us/1151595160255381504   …
Rolland Chidiac 17/07/2019 07:03
I think that is why you and @sarahdateechur are two #educelebrities that I, and many others, follow. You seem ‘real’, willing to engage in discourse, and don’t see yourself above the rest of us.
Rolland Chidiac 17/07/2019 05:48
3/2 I’m watching the #educelebrities pop up in my TM and thinking about their message and whether I’m interested or not - whether it fires me up or not. Thumbs up to people like @sarahdateechur and @pernilleripp who engage in discussion and aren’t too big for the rest of us.
Rolland Chidiac 17/07/2019 05:45
2/2 too many times I have seen people bump up against #educelebrities ideas and push back (that’s what I’m calling it) and then watch whether engage or they dismiss the person and their position. As I consider the back and forth about this, I’m looking at my timeline differently.
Rolland Chidiac 16/07/2019 10:41
Due to the recent discussions on #educelebrities and #profitprophets I have been paying a lot more attention to the tweets appearing on my timeline. As I come across tweets from those that could be considered #educelebrities I am reflecting on why I currently follow them.
This is a great conversation/podcast dedicated to interrogating dominant ideologies, who gets heard, who doesn't, whose feelings get hurt, and centered, and who withers and dies on the vine, if you've been following the last week of pushback against #educelebrities listen up https:// /status/1150824777633935360   …
Sarah Mulhern Gross 15/07/2019 09:10
There’s a whole other world of educelebrities on Instagram.
Sarah Mulhern Gross 13/07/2019 05:32
Folks who position themselves as educelebrities and experts who also have documented cases of fraud, misrepresentation, and gaslighting should think before they center themselves in conversations about education.
Another one that pops into my head is how to get access to updates research after you’ve graduated. And, how to spot educelebrities vs real solid empirical information. (Not that they are always different!)
Jennifer Binis 13/07/2019 05:14
I'll offer that there has been no name calling that I'm aware of. No cruelty. No mocking or laughing at anyone. Just a lot of conversation about the unintended consequences of there being a world of educelebrities - most of whom are white men. That, IMO, is worth unpacking.
Benjamin Doxtdator 13/07/2019 04:34
Maybe there’s something to learn from the careful criticism people offer about the making of educelebrities. What’s really dirty is implying those people with criticism shouldn’t be teaching. https:// tatus/1150048979033493504   …
K. Renae P. 13/07/2019 02:44
I struggle with “educelebrities ”. Some seem disingenuous and only about making a profit. But many seem honest and passionate about improvements and change. It takes time to navigate. And I think we should talk about it. *I won’t follow those that give me the full of poo vibe.
Jennifer Ansbach 13/07/2019 01:25
This is exactly it—it’s about people being labeled “rock stars,” “educelebrities,” etc., and the cult of personality and quick messages over research, experience, and substance. https:// /status/1149851236218429441   …
Sarah Mulhern Gross 12/07/2019 11:47
Lots of great conversations today about who we elevate as educelebrities on Twitter. Here are some amazing folks who are doing the work on the ground each day. Give them a follow! @triciaebarvia @arcticisleteach @TchKimPossible @nenagerman @juliaerin80 1/?
Jennifer Ansbach 12/07/2019 10:29
Some of the educelebrities don’t spend a lot of time reflecting on what their platform’s purpose is beyond cashing in. Is there real research behind it, or fake research? Are you inflicting harm on children? On adults? Are you doing equity and inclusivity work?
Sarah Mulhern Gross 12/07/2019 10:11
I’ve run out of patience, too. These educelebrities are being paid by someone to teach teachers and that’s dangerous.
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