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claire davis 20/01/2020 04:03
#Darkages Ok....thought I was going for a sneak peek cuz idk The summary of the miracle workers. How did this happen? Why?! Yeah... I prefer season 1 they are up in heaven doing gods work. & Dan Radcliffe is onboard??!
#Darkages Ok....thought I was going for a sneak peek cuz idk The summary of the miracle workers. How did this happen? Why?! Yeah... I prefer season 1 they are up in heaven doing gods work.   & Dan Radcliffe is onboard??! <br>http://pic.twitter.com/3vzfBhKJTq
Miracle Workers: Dark Ages, the new installment of TBS's comedy anthology Miracle Workers, went medieval at Television Critics Association winter press tour on Wednesday, with stars Daniel Radcliffe, ...
Villanelle 20/01/2020 05:55
“But our—our weaponry is superior I imagine.” “I don’t know. They have these new things called ‘guns’. They’re pretty nuts.” #MiracleWorkers #DarkAges
Created by Simon Rich and executive produced by Lorne Michaels, Miracle Workers: Dark Ages is a medieval story about friendship, family and trying not to be murdered. It centers upon a group of ...
Villanelle 20/01/2020 04:20
“Well, Ted Carpenter is going to be a carpenter.” “Yeah, Mary Baker is going into baking.” “And Wesley is.... w-what are you doing again, Wesley Pervert?” “Stuff. Just stuff.” #MiracleWorkers #DarkAges
and appears to be surrounded by three overlapping bubbles of plasma — meaning these pioneering galaxies may have been caught in the act of reionizing their corner of the universe and bringing the ...
Lil' Jovi Girl   ❄ 20/01/2020 03:31
#DanielRadcliffe is hilarious as hell in #DarkAges
Nor, for that matter, has one cent of tax revenue been collected. While frustrating for those who’ve waited patiently for Fresno to emerge from the marijuana Dark Ages — it’s been 24 years since ...
LL 20/01/2020 03:30
“They’ve got these new things called guns” #DarkAges #miracleworkers
“All of a sudden the kids were like, ‘We have a real life. We can do chats with our brother, and we can watch Netflix,’” Carlson says. “We finally came out of the dark ages and can do what everybody ...
"Fuck off Trish!" *I think I've said that before* #DarkAges
Sal Manacotti 20/01/2020 03:29
#DarkAges Why have I not even heard about this?
Ericka McClintock 20/01/2020 03:28
#darkages damn funny so far. But not as good as Galavant.
@TBSNetwork Is there a way to watch #DarkAges without the bleeps?
Ryan Stanzel 20/01/2020 03:27
What the hell is #darkages and why am I just now seeing it? Also why does Daniel Radcliffe ever need to work again?
Janice Folk 20/01/2020 03:25
5 mins into #darkages and I’m confident it will be an underrated treasure.
Victor Looklook 20/01/2020 03:25
Just stumbled on this show called “ the dark ages” #DarkAges ... Cracking me up silly
It’s all in the name ., Shitshovelers #DarkAges
The ShitShovelers #DarkAges
Heartcore Legend 20/01/2020 03:22
Miracle Workers #darkages is pretty good. Love medieval comedy.
Nic Flores 20/01/2020 03:22
#DarkAges is only 10 minutes in and it's HILARIOUS.
aly 20/01/2020 03:21
Ok now I’m sucked in and LOVING #DarkAges
Anthony Calautti 20/01/2020 03:16
Oh yay!! Sneak peak of #DarkAges
Question for Woke Golf Twitter: So I’m watching the last few holes of the Amex. Am I supposed to be outraged that the Tour is playing a contrived #darkages course or are we still eulogizing Dye and lauding everything he touched as genius? Let me know. K thnx.
Eternity2017 19/01/2020 09:52
And would the world allow such a regime ever to take over the Earth...Would it be easy for such kingdoms of Dictators to rule over the Earth again, with humanity, pushed into the corner, afraid + unable to fight back. #DarkAges
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