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sasha  29/06/2020 04:50
sasha  04/07/2016 08:25
my bestie. my best friend. I missed her
my bestie. my best friend. I missed her<br>
sasha  30/06/2016 10:17
Just posted a photo @ Jumeirah Beach, Dubai https://www. KkEyPWBw6nbpQXD6hrNrkvZNOM0/  
sasha  03/07/2020 01:42
ifa 04L
sasha  04/07/2020 05:05
comeback sebagai kpopers
sasha  04/07/2020 04:44
i got: haechan his height: 174 cm my height: 165 cm height gap: 9 cm reply with ur fav emoji and i'll give you a name https:// /1279270730064998400  
sasha  04/07/2020 02:56
prefer ke humoris
jeje竄 | 竄zhr 04/07/2020 02:43
Hey my baby sis, nice to meet you
sasha  30/06/2020 09:00
毋  29/06/2020 05:21
sasha  29/06/2020 04:40
jaehyun and the kids are going out to dinner with me hah gimana?
sasha  29/06/2020 02:48
hii let's be friends
sasha  29/06/2020 02:36
^ this
Su(solid precipitation) 21/05/2020 12:15
It's been 46 weeks since Alexei's passing and i'm still not over it...#cherryslurpee
Derrico13 31/07/2019 01:27
Custom Alexei Funko Pop! With Cherry Slurpee and box (somehow forgot to put my Derrico13 sticker on before taking pics ) #strangerthings #alexei #funkopop #cherryslurpee @OriginalFunko @Stranger_Things @AlecUtgoff
Sara Lynam 18/07/2019 09:42
Rosie Gardel 13/07/2019 10:37
This one is for you, Alexei. #CherrySlurpee #StrangerThings
Kaylee 12/07/2019 05:05
My daughter drew this picture and got a cherry slurpee from @7eleven in honour of #Alexei today #cherryslurpee #notstrawberry #justiceforalexei #7ElevenDay #FreeSlurpeeDay #StrangerThings @Stranger_Things
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