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  🐑 Bex 09/12/2019 06:05
Burnout and anxiety about my creative future
Burnout and anxiety about my creative future  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/SyGmn4zrBq
The Champion's Week festivities also will include free autograph sessions with drivers from1:30-2:30 and 3-4 p.m. Wednesday; and noon-1 p.m. and 1:30-2:30 p.m. Thursday on Lower Broad/Riverfront Park.
Harvard Business Review 11/12/2019 04:59
Burnout is especially common for caregivers, when leaders equate long hours with getting ahead, and when workers are expected to show up despite mental or physical illness. https:// s.hbr.org/2rpzYhB  
Officials believe no permanent damage was done to Nashville's Lower Broadway during the event, part of NASCAR Champions Week.
BuzzFeed News 12/12/2019 06:03
A year ago, the congregation was down to just 12 people. Then this church reinvented itself as Jubilee Baptist, a quasi-socialist, anti-burnout, anti-racist, LGBTQ-affirming church focused on paying off debts in the community. Here’s how it happened. https://www. buzzfeednews.com/article/annehe lenpetersen/jubilee-baptist-church-debt-forgiveness-lgbtq-socialism?bftwnews&utm_term=4ldqpgc#4ldqpgc   …
Behind the scenes from Burnouts on Broadway Thu, 05 Dec 2019 13:44:00 GMT
Take in all the scenes from Wednesday's Burnouts on Broadway during Champion's Week for the NASCAR Cup Series in Nashville, Tennessee. Elliott on Johnson’s retirement: ‘I hated to hear ...
Harvard Business Review 12/12/2019 03:00
Many leaders think that employees burn out because of their own failures to manage their time. But the top five causes of burnout could be avoided if leaders started their prevention strategies much further upstream. https:// s.hbr.org/2PdwM1v  
Not only is the Chevy Suburban the longest running nameplate in history, at 85 years, it’s also been featured in at least one movie every year since 1960. Hence, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the ...
Harvard Business Review 11/12/2019 02:12
Blaming individual employees for their own burnout is a band-aid solution to a much larger issue. https:// s.hbr.org/2t836u8  
For Music City, it was well worth the wait. Wednesday night, with the sport holding its annual Champion's Week in Nashville for the very first time, NASCAR staged a smokeshow on the most-famous street ...
Danny Steele 06/12/2019 08:55
We surveyed over 1000 teachers and the number one cited cause of teacher burnout was: WORKLOAD. So teachers... what can principals do to reduce your workload? (We’re looking for things that are directly under the control of the local principal.)
Simon S. Andersen 11/12/2019 08:51
I say this mainly as a public service. I've dealt with severe burnout since Owlboy's completion and recovery is slow. Things are not somehow "better" now, and 10 years of intense work has consequences. If you think you're immune, you're going to regret it very soon.
Kyle Busch 05/12/2019 04:36
Burnouts on Broadway Champions Style
Burnouts on Broadway Champions Style  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/xbtosclU0O
Psychology Today 09/12/2019 10:19
How to spot the difference between stress and burnout, and when to seek help bit.ly/2s0Li3u  
Harvard Business Review 09/12/2019 10:00
It’s no wonder so many people burn out when organizations reward constant availability. https:// s.hbr.org/35bjAjq  
Jen Bartel 11/12/2019 05:06
What actually causes burnout: The myth that if you do what you love for a living, that it shouldn't ever make you tired, that you should be happy to work overtime, that you should feel endlessly fulfilled and satisfied to do this thing that is so fun for you, often for low/no pay
Ryan Acree 05/12/2019 02:58
My favorite shot on my phone of the @KyleLarsonRacin burnout.
My favorite shot on my phone of the @KyleLarsonRacin burnout. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/v79hvlJBcQ
Aaron Littlepage 13/12/2019 05:40
I’m a slut for burnouts https:// twitter.com/battenfield27/ status/1205320529147826177   …
jamieloftus   🏂 10/12/2019 07:02
shoutout to all my hit-burnout-three-months-ago-but-oh-fucking-well-heads
Autistic.Barbie 07/12/2019 07:52
People accept my autism diagnosis when it’s convenient for them (on my good days) but disappear during the meltdowns & burnouts. I understand people need to set boundaries for themselves if it’s too much but please don’t promise me acceptance if it’s partial. #ActuallyAutistic
ms claws 05/12/2019 05:52
Zero surprise that this story is about the customer support team Support team burnout is a canary in the coal mine for business health https://www. theverge.com/2019/12/5/2099 5453/away-luggage-ceo-steph-korey-toxic-work-environment-travel-inclusion   …
scorpio + PINNED!! 08/12/2019 10:26
was watching from carsons vod (i wasn't able to catch his stream) and only saw his mood go from 100 to 0 real quick and i just thought it was burnout and wished he felt better but learning what happened makes me fucking mad it's literally always something with y'all and it's ugly
TJT, M.D. 12/12/2019 02:22
Do I really no longer want to specialize or is that the burnout talking?
I’m sorry to ask for this, but I need help. My husband and I have not had luck finding employment and I am struggling with stress, health issues, & burnout. I need to pay my bills this month & don’t have enough. After calculating, I will need $350. ko-fi.com/peachymars  
Rami Ismail 11/12/2019 03:12
So remember how earlier I said that in losing partners, friends, and facing burnout - the problem was always my passion? Turns out that's some self-preservationist lie. The problem wasn't my passion - the problem was me. My passion is part of me. I own it, not vice versa.
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