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Andrew Adonis 21/03/2019 09:52
The country rightly judges that the time for half measures - and any form of Brexit - is over. It has been tried & collapsed. It needs to be ended, completely & immediately Article 50 should be revoked by next Thursday
A British petition to revoke Article 50 and remain in the European Union is drawing too much support for the U.K. government's website to handle, with the petition site crashing repeatedly on Thursday ...
Tom Kibasi 21/03/2019 09:51
So the #EUCO provides three options for the UK: 1. Agree to May’s deal next week and leave the EU on 22nd May; or 2. Reject May’s deal next week and request a long extension before 12th April; or 3. Reject May’s deal next week and crash out on 12th April in a no-deal Brexit.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union will grant Britain an extension to its Brexit negotiating period, but the length of the delay will depend on whether Prime Minister Theresa May is able to win a ...
Robert Peston 21/03/2019 09:50
Keeps the Brexit jeopardy of next week’s Brexit vote. Gives MPs till 12 April to launch and complete coup against @theresa_may. Completely effs up Easter holidays https:// i/status/1108840552722849793   …
Theresa May has been told by the most senior Tory backbencher that MPs want her to stand down because of her handling of Brexit, The Telegraph can reveal. Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 ...
Nicola Sturgeon 21/03/2019 09:50
So it seems the EU will give UK an extra two weeks to avoid a no deal Brexit. Imperative now that Parliament takes control away from PM and uses that time to agree a way forward - preferably asking for a longer extension to put the issue back to voters. https:// i/status/1108846095558471680   …
BRUSSELS — A humbled, even humiliated British Prime Minister Theresa May came to Brussels on Thursday not to dictate the terms of her country’s exit from the European Union, but to plead for a brief ...
David Lammy 21/03/2019 09:49
This is bat shit crazy. Suicidal. She must be stopped. https://www. fa-4bed-11e9-bbc9-6917dce3dc62   …
There's frustration and exasperation in Brussels, an EU diplomat tells CNN, with ambassadors holding little hope that a third meaningful vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal will pass parliament next ...
Tory Fibs 21/03/2019 09:34
Yesterday, the EU gave us a week to make or minds up or it was a No-Deal Brexit This morning, Jeremy flew to Brussels & met 7 EU PMs & the EU Sec Gen Now we have been granted 3 weeks. Just enough time for us to remove May & restore some collegiate thinking to proceedings
Alice Grant 21/03/2019 09:28
We can’t wait to re-join the #MarchToLeave tomorrow Mansfield here we come! @LeaveMnsLeave @BeatriceGrant_ #BrexitBetrayal #Brexit #LetsGoWTO #LeaveMeansLeave
We can’t wait to re-join the #MarchToLeave tomorrow Mansfield here we come! @LeaveMnsLeave @BeatriceGrant_ #BrexitBetrayal #Brexit #LetsGoWTO #LeaveMeansLeave<br>
The Spectator Index 21/03/2019 09:24
UNITED KINGDOM: A petition to parliament to cancel Brexit reaches 1.5 million signatures
David Allen Green 21/03/2019 09:22
And this is not the benefit of hindsight. At every *single* step of Brexit, the government was told of the mistakes it was making, of the errors which have led directly and naturally to this almighty Clusterfuck. Every single step. They were told. They did it anyway.
David Allen Green 21/03/2019 09:16
UK could not be in a weaker position about Brexit. There has been complete policy failure. UK so weak EU is sorting out the exit for us. and will let us know. PM has destroyed her position in Parliament. The shambles is absolute. This is what a Clusterfuck looks like.
Gavin Esler 21/03/2019 08:46
Thank you and the staff who must be working under enormous pressure from people up and down the country who simply want their voices to be heard on Brexit - and also want the best for their communities and their children. https:// tatus/1108756214031282176   …
Nigel Farage 21/03/2019 08:19
No Deal Brexit is gaining support. It would mean that we can get on with the rest of our lives. https://www. rs/nigel-farage/cancel-brexit-petition-farage-revoke-article-50/   …
how can anyone be this wilfully ignorant of what the public want? we don't want Brexit. we don't want Lexit. we want to stay in the EU. i don't know how to make it any clearer. #RevokeA50Now #RevokeArticle50 #RevokeArt50 #RevokeArticle50Petition
Mike Galsworthy 21/03/2019 08:17
One website. One measly website... But hey... Govt says we’re ready for no-deal Brexit (and we have Grayling) https:// tatus/1108666678718681088   …
Keir Starmer 21/03/2019 08:09
Whatever happens in the coming days, one thing is clear: the Prime Minister has no mandate and no right to threaten our country with a no deal Brexit. If she is unwilling to show leadership at a time of national crisis, then Parliament must be given the chance to do so. 3/3
Rachel Clarke 21/03/2019 08:04
Enough. You know who’s being betrayed? The nurse I spoke to yesterday whose GP can’t get her a new Epipen for her 4 year old with anaphylaxis. Why? Because Brexit’s buggered the supply chain. Can you even imagine the stress of that? Do you even care? #PutItToThePeople https:// status/1107720609625239558   …
Michael Heaver 21/03/2019 08:04
EU splits as soon as No Deal Brexit is seriously on the table. Imagine what could have been achieved if this had been pressed home far earlier. https:// tus/1108813095747702784   …
Simon Oak #FBPE 21/03/2019 07:53
Ever heard of 1 million Brits abroad about to lose their rights & freedoms? Any idea how real the Russian interference was/is? Or what Putin's motives are to boost the extremes? Get a life. #Brexit is a crime. #StopBrexit
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