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Apostrophe 05/12/2019 11:38
art of... drakspirit #blackandwhitephotography
In black-and-white photography, a photon energy of about 4.00 x 10-19 J is needed to bring about the changes in the silver compounds used in the film. (a) What is the frequency of the light needed to ...
Linda Gibson 05/12/2019 11:28
if something is wrong, fix it if you can. but train yourself not to worry. worry never fixes anything ernest hemingway #myphoto #photography #blackandwhitephotography #monochrome #followme #nature #NaturePhotography #trees #anxiety #Mindfulness
Video journalist Logan Baker over at Shutterstock put together a handy primer for anybody who is looking to get into black-and-white photography for the first time. The tutorial amounts to an ...
∎ ∎ Β© π–šπ–“kπ–”π–œπ–“ π–•π–π–”π–™π–”π”€π–—π–†π–•π–π–Šπ–— #blackandwhitephotography
For photographers who love working in black and white, there are certain cameras that are really suited for the task. This interesting comparison compares two dedicated Leica monochrome digital ...
Apostrophe 04/12/2019 12:33
.Mmikey._dee Twilight paints the town Old industrial skyline How does the sun go down? London #blackandwhitephotography
When done right, black and white photography has the power to create moods, add drama, and exude a timeless quality. These quick tips will help you understand how to work with the medium and harness ...
Apostrophe 04/12/2019 12:30
ne_ne_2 -New York #blackandwhitephotography
Black and White Photography - Marv Kaminsky Thu, 10 Oct 2019 04:37:00 GMT
The talk will include: what constitutes a black and white photo, and how to shoot them. The aesthetics of black and white photography and how to create a great black and white photo is discussed.
Apostrophe 04/12/2019 12:29
Paris PHOTO BY mumusphotographies #blackandwhitephotography
Apostrophe 03/12/2019 03:19
Do not look back by Cristel SASSONIA #blackandwhitephotography
Emcee pooja 02/12/2019 04:33
A simple SMILE........ #ethniclook #blackandwhitephotography #
Apostrophe 02/12/2019 01:21
Through the Field of Beginning by Ekkachai Khemkum #blackandwhitephotography
Iwona Grabowska 02/12/2019 07:00
...and even against the wind together #myphoto #blackandwhitephotography
Ria_ 02/12/2019 06:43
. Wild Heart ... . . #photography by Ilya Rashap . #blackandwhitephotography @RabalFrancesco
Lena Pittman (MC) 01/12/2019 11:44
I took the road least traveled and I got lost. #blackandwhitephotography
The Lights 01/12/2019 09:05
Runaway train never going back #blackandwhitephotography #photography
ENcontrARTE Gallery 01/12/2019 02:24
#photo Waiting by Jose Beut Duato (Spain) #Monochrome #blackandwhitephotography
Apostrophe 01/12/2019 01:11
Comtemplating the Pelican by Larry Butterworth #blackandwhitephotography
Apostrophe 30/11/2019 07:54
Bicycle Ride by Bess Hamiti #blackandwhitephotography
Apostrophe 30/11/2019 05:23
I Must Go In, The Fog Is Rising by Roberto De Mitri (Italy) #blackandwhitephotography
Apostrophe 29/11/2019 03:19
Tropical Storm Art by Rob Darby #blackandwhitephotography
Paul Stam 29/11/2019 07:17
Dutch Skyline #blackandwhitephotography #landscapephotography
The Lights 28/11/2019 08:10
freight train #blackandwhitephotography #photography
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