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Kayla 22/01/2020 03:06
No it's not irruption year; yes I still get lots of snowies-- lucky & grateful to live in an area that gets them each winter; they've taught me to love winter again; each has a different look & personality; hope you enjoy the clips! <3 #birding #snowyowl #sparkbird #birdwatching
Hundreds of adventures later and with 325 bird species detected in this country, Brian believes that birdwatching opened up a window to the natural world that also led him to his choice of college ...
Jim Pottkotter 22/01/2020 08:19
I found this Eastern Phoebe when I would typically have called it a day. It had been overcast, and I hadn't gotten much that day. Then as the sunset, it peeked below the clouds and warmed the otherwise cool scene in a little last-minute warm light. #birdwatching #birds #nature
It seems New Zealanders are in love with our feathered friends. A book on birdwatching is flying off shelves - catching even the author by surprise. Liz Light's The 50 Best Birdwatching Sites In New ...
Hans 21/01/2020 09:53
Since you all know the smallest of our little friends from my tweet (Jan 16) before... Here is the most vigorous of our Black-capped Chickadee family. #birds #birdwatching #birding #birdphotography
Birdwatching during Bihu Bird Count Wed, 08 Jan 2020 14:11:00 GMT
This Bhogali Bihu, take out time for birdwatching too. Bird Count India, an NGO, is launching for the first time Bihu Bird Count (BBC) bird-monitoring programme to list and count the wild birds during ...
Spot the difference
Spot the difference<br>
“Our aim has been to introduce more people to the joys of birdwatching. When we begin a conversation about conservation and protection, it is important to involve the public for it to be a people’s ...
Rae Roer 22/01/2020 06:51
The flock of at least 100 black starlings (I think) we’re singing up a storm this morning. #birdwatching #yyj @ Saanich, British Columbia https://www. ?igshid=c5bykj2ieqo8   …
King Tides This Weekend: Albany Birdwatching Thu, 09 Jan 2020 17:48:00 GMT
ALBANY, CA — Celebrate this weekend's King Tides with a guided walk along Cerrito Creek. "We'll look for waterbirds and winter songbirds and talk about restoration and what sea level rise may mean for ...
Julia Baker 22/01/2020 05:01
Just doing some Birdwatching #catsoftwitter
Just doing some Birdwatching #catsoftwitter<br>
Justyna Borkowska 22/01/2020 01:50
I will never get over how glossy rooks are in the sunlight. Also, that side eye. #rook #TeamCorvid #LoveCorvids #TwitterNatureCommunity #BirdPhotography #birdwatching
christy bharath 22/01/2020 03:55
Here's a portrait of the Green Bee Eater as a headbanger. Don't feel bad for the moth. Death doth not provide backstage passes. #Chennai #birdwatching
Donna Wells 22/01/2020 02:13
Peanut pickin... #birdwatching
Peanut pickin... #birdwatching <br>
Harry Foster 22/01/2020 01:23
We had American Goldfinches by the dozens yesterday and today, here is one against a sunny sky.Perhaps they know they worst of winter is over. #Goldfinch #birdwatching #birdphotography
harkandmark 21/01/2020 11:56
The angels, I mean Short-eared Owls, of Shawangunk Grasslands, New York. #birdphotography #birding #birdwatching
lou ryan 21/01/2020 11:21
robin sat on bridge over garden pond but by the time it went for a bath the sun had almost gone down and there was ice formed on the water nikon 80-400mm #naturelovers #birdwatching #naturelovers
Pure Michigan 21/01/2020 05:24
The beautiful trails & tall trees throughout #PureMichigan’s numerous state parks offer plenty of opportunities to observe our furry & feathery friends. Try these birdwatching hotspots to appreciate some cute critters this #SquirrelAppreciationDay.
Guy Edwardes 21/01/2020 06:09
Dalmatian Pelican (Pelicans crispus) photographed during my recent workshop on Lake Kerkini in Greece. © Guy Edwardes Photography #pelicans #birds #birdphotography #birdwatching #greece #kerkini #damlatianpelican #guyedwardes #photographyworkshops
Lotus Winnie Lee 21/01/2020 04:48
Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn ... this Red-breasted Merganser is looking devilishly handsome today! #redbreastedmergansers #birdwatching #wildlife
Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn ... this Red-breasted Merganser is looking devilishly handsome today!  #redbreastedmergansers #birdwatching #wildlife <br>
Linda Flatley 21/01/2020 03:49
Pouty little guy. #downywoodpecker #birdwatching #backyardbirds
Pouty little guy. #downywoodpecker #birdwatching #backyardbirds<br>
RCookPhotography 20/01/2020 04:36
A Say's Phoebe perched between attempts to catch insects. #birds #birdphotography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #birding #birdwatching
Trey Smith 20/01/2020 02:15
Phenomenal blastoff this morning #nmwx #bosquedelapqche #birdwatching – a Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
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