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Someone said: " A history of trauma can give you a high tolerance of emotional pain. Just because you can take it doesnโ€™t mean you have to." and I felt that.
Terrebonne is the worst
Getting ready with konpa hits different yo
December 25th https:// tus/1172961823290789889   โ€ฆ
Seymore Love 14/09/2019 07:28
FOR BISEXUAL MEN IN MIXED ORIENTATION PARTNERSHIPS w WOMEN: How does your partner support u as a bi man? What do u value in your relationship, as it relates to your sexual orientation & them? #BisexualMenSpeak #WhatBiLooksLike #BiAndProud #BiTwitter #BiMen #BiVisibilityMonth
I seriously felt this on spiritual level
What. the. actual. fuck.
Well thank you
Sis might have walked away from a manipulative man who thought that asking her in public would force her to say yes. A ring isnโ€™t an apology nor a change of behaviour guarantee. Do youuu sis ! https:// /1170542148044959746   โ€ฆ
And my 13 years old ass thought that 2007 Britney was crazy.
Ok so this man did a mashup with Donnie McClurkin and Queen Bey songs man I love being black
Thatโ€™s the spirit https:// us/1171205854130892800   โ€ฆ
But over all, I know itโ€™s only the first session but it helped yo. Iโ€™d recommend anyone dealing with whatever issues theyโ€™re dealing with to seek the help they need and deserve
Blessing your TL https:// s/1170784961999200257   โ€ฆ
Guess who just got hired to be a french tutor as a second job ? God still got me yo
Jโ€™ai dit "non" 2 fois hier. Not cause I couldnโ€™t do what I was asked to do but cause Iโ€™m slowly learning how to differentiate being used and manipulated with being kind. And itโ€™s a fucking victory. Oh how I felt empowered by simply saying "no".
Hang out with Bimen and other fun new people nearby, when you sign in to Badoo!
Hang out with Bimen and other fun new people nearby, when you sign in to Badoo! <br>
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