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Arnold NJIKAM 15/12/2019 09:27
If the attention is not received, then it's been given somewhere else to some other person. Don't get fooled, stay alert! #BeTheBlessings
Be The Blessings We Were Meant To Be! Mon, 29 Jul 2019 10:40:00 GMT
I always think it is so sad when I hear someone say “I can’t because I’m too… (fat, shy, awkward, ugly, slow… fill in the blank.) It is a well-established fact that our society places a ...
Arnold NJIKAM 15/12/2019 09:23
Don't expect, don't judge but silently get off. #BeTheBlessings
As the nation took a day to remember the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., many of the events in Carroll County focused on volunteer service. In the morning, McDaniel College students spread across ...
Khallid Pierce EL 20/09/2019 06:58
Minding my business in The Land Peace & Love to All #TGIF #mphor99 #betheblessings #americanmuur #liberationordeath #byanymeansnecessary #Vibing #Working #Illuminated #anointed https://www. ?igshid=kr4tvi1cc010   …
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal began a massive roadshow this afternoon, en route to filing his nomination for next month's Assembly polls, with a nod to a rally taken out by his AAP in 2013 ...
Rev. Douglas Walker 13/09/2019 05:01
The crimes against humanity just keep mounting up...There will be a reckoning and the buck stops at the President.
The Israeli Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday that it had approved the creation of seven new Israeli nature reserves in Area C of the occupied West Bank. According to the Jerusalem Post ...
Khallid Pierce EL 09/09/2019 06:35
Back to this Nation building! Liberation by any means! Moor than just an entertainer Stay Tuned! Best work has yet to come ♟♟ #mphor99 #betheblessings #americanmuur #americanfootballplayer #thankful… https://www. ?igshid=1thiedgxfaht4   …
Self-rule: the great gift of Jamestown to the American experiment. Jamestown is not what we would call a free society, yet it was the base of the principle of self-governance. Driven out of ...
Rev. Douglas Walker 31/07/2019 02:47
@AlabamaHannah is self centered.. Jed is lucky to find out so soon.
Liz Hanley Raci 27/07/2019 03:49
Amen #Saturday #Morning #MorningThoughts #BeTheBlessings #OneLife #OneRaceHuman #OneLove #one https:// tatus/1154717842815590400   …
Liz Hanley Raci 05/06/2019 03:10
Have a day goodness! #BeBlessed #BeTheBlessings #Morning #Wednesday #BeBlessed
Have a day goodness! #BeBlessed #BeTheBlessings #Morning #Wednesday #BeBlessed<br>
Veronica Naylor 11/01/2019 02:50
Make something Good happen today in someone’s Life #bethegiver #benicetopeople #moveitforward #betheblessings @ Madison, Mississippi https://www. ?utm_source=ig_twitter_share&igshid=13j39e0leid6s   …
Rev. Douglas Walker 09/01/2019 02:38
@maddow- The only thing that keeps Trump from being Impeached is Republican Sentator's fear of Trump base. Shut down = strengthening base.
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