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Ludacris 18/05/2020 07:09
Q: #AskLuda Who would you like to collaborate with that you have not already worked with (dead or alive)? - @AngelNordstrom A:
Ludacris 23/05/2020 01:20
Q: #AskLuda would you ever eat liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti ? - @TheSoIace1 A:
Ludacris 18/05/2020 07:20
Q: #AskLuda If you could be any animal for a day, what animal would you be ? - @abigailhearron A:
Ludacris 18/05/2020 07:25
Thanks for all the great questions! #AskLuda
Ludacris 23/05/2020 01:25
Q: #askluda How do you feel about Back For The First Time turning 20 this year? - @AgapeoMalecela A:
Ludacris 23/05/2020 01:22
Q: #AskLuda Is there anything you haven't done that you would love to do now? - @KaoKin21 A:
Ludacris 23/05/2020 01:28
Q: What countries you haven’t been to that you wanna travel to? #askluda - @ShadeedJasmine A:
Ludacris 23/05/2020 01:37
Q: #askluda if you had to spend the rest of your life eating just one food, what would it be? - @hiddlesafe A:
Ludacris 23/05/2020 01:32
Q: #askluda Do you wish you were hosting Fear Factor in Quarantine Edition ? - @dnk900 A:
Ludacris 23/05/2020 01:35
Q: @Ludacris #askluda how has your approach to crafting songs differed from Back for the First Time to now? #askluda - @wslymcln A:
Ludacris 18/05/2020 07:16
Q: Do you still have those big ass arms from back in the day? #AskLuda - @howyadothat A:
Ludacris 18/05/2020 07:05
Q: Growing up, what was your happiest moment? #AskLuda - @fred_jnr_ A:
Ludacris 18/05/2020 07:12
Q: #AskLuda Favorite tv show? - @Jazzyjuju99 A:
Black Not POC 23/05/2020 01:10
Luda really got the best veneers in the game #AskLuda
Ludacris 23/05/2020 01:29
Q: #askluda what song do you regret singing? - @Q_moneysports A:
Ludacris 23/05/2020 01:23
Q: #askluda how is it to work wit lil wayne? - @LoverMegatron A:
Ludacris 18/05/2020 07:07
Q: Could you drop a new album soon ? #AskLuda - @ABNotCrazE A:
Ludacris 23/05/2020 01:30
Q: #askluda how did the 3 of you come together for this song , you, Timbaland and Wayne? - @MahkieAvelli A:
Ludacris 23/05/2020 01:24
Q: #askluda What has been your favorite project you’ve done throughout your career? - @MissESODMG A:
Ludacris 23/05/2020 01:36
Q: #askluda You've always had great thought provoking lyrics so are you you surprised by some reactions to Silence of The Lambs? - @jettamiles1690 A:
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