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follow limit! 15/02/2020 04:10
hi im new to anitwt and looking for mutuals ! like or rt if u wanna be friends:) i like/have watched: - haikyuu - kakegurui - tokyo ghoul - snk attack on titan - league of legends - free! - prince of stride - mirai nikki - corpse party + more!!
ven 12/02/2020 04:30
Hello! Im new to anitwt and i want to have more friends that are into anime. Like/RT if you watch: Mob Psycho 100 AOT Beelzebub KNY FMA/B TBHK Death Note Promised Neverland Future Diary Bleach Guilty Crown Psycho Pass Ergo Proxy Deadman Wonderland Psycho Pass Code Geass
12/02/2020 10:49
hi im new to anitwt n i want some moots so ,, rt/like if you like: haikyuu kny bnha noragami given assassination classroom maid sama kakegurui your lie in april bsd mob psycho hxh tbhk fruits basket etc.
nur ☆ 09/02/2020 08:36
hii I’m new to #anitwt sooo rt and/or like if u like: ☆ bnha ☆ haikyuu ☆ aot / snk ☆ kny ☆ given ☆ jshk / tbhk ☆ kakegurui ☆ bsd ☆ naruto ☆ assassination classroom ☆ ons ☆ + more let’s be mutuals S2
𝗿𝘆𑁍 09/02/2020 07:54
hello!! I’m not new to anitwt but I made a new acc! rt if u like: • haikyuu • mha • demon slayer • saiki k • aot • yoi • ouran • little witch let’s be moots <3
mar 11/02/2020 08:15
hello! im not new to anitwt, this is my new acc and im looking for moots! like/rt if you like: •haikyuu •given •hxh •promare •kny •my little monster •bj alex •heesu in class 2 •ghibli movies •the promised neverland •mob psycho 100 •inu x boku ss + any anime really
hailey 11/02/2020 04:39
hi! i’m new to anitwt and would like some moots! rt/like if you watch: • given • haikyuu!! • attack on titan • dakaichi • yuri!!! on ice • seven deadly sins • ouran high school host club i also read manga and have read given! i’m currently reading attack on titan <3 ifb!!
##ali ! 10/02/2020 05:45
hi !! i’m new to anitwt :D i watch/read: - haikyuu - toilet bound hanako kun - fruits basket - bungo stray dogs - boku no hero academia - and recommendations !!! ^^ like to be mutuals <33
sera 17/02/2020 03:53
hii!! i'm new to anitwt so i'm looking for some mutuals rt/like if you watch: — kny — naruto — bungou stray dogs — studio ghibli — given — 91 days — touken ranbu — kakegurui and many more!!
rue 11/02/2020 04:14
Hi! not new to anitwt but i'm starting new acc, i need mutuals! Pls rt/like/reply if you like: -haikyuu -snk/aot -free! -kaze ga tsuyoku fuiteru -bnha/mha -kny/demon slayer -knb -naruto -bleach -tokyo ghoul -diamond no ace -bungou stray dogs -any anime/manga I'll followback
everyone in anitwt is either gay or horny
kat 15/02/2020 05:54
hihi ! i’m new to anitwt and i want some moots ◡̈ rt and/or like if you like : ❀ bnha/mha ✿ haikyuu ❀ demon slayer/kny ✿ naruto ❀ kakegurui ✿ violet evergarden ❀ studio ghibli ✿ + any anime really let’s be friends!
mimi 17/02/2020 02:40
Hi! I’m new to #Anitwt and I’m looking for mutuals. Rt/like if you like: •bnha/mha •naruto •aot •haikyuu •inuyasha •promised neverland •demon slayer •fairy tail •soul eater •fruits basket •ouran host club •much more!! I’ll always follow back
14/02/2020 08:52
hello im new to anitwt so im looking for mutuals!! rt/like if you watch: — demon slayer/kny — hunter x hunter — studio ghibli — haikyuu — mob psycho — boku no hero academia/bnha — jojo — naruto or literally anything else! i just want mutuals rlly
ommanyte   👀 15/02/2020 11:12
bnha anitwt bnha anitwt at bones at bones for the 1st for the 2nd half of half of season 4 season 4
bnha anitwt              bnha anitwt at bones                   at bones for the 1st                for the 2nd half of                      half of season 4                  season 4 <br>
mai 12/02/2020 05:21
hello haha! I'm new to anitwt and hope to find some mutuals! rt/like this tweet if you stan: -toilet-bound hanako-kun -kimetsu no yaiba -dororo -haikyuu -ghibli movies -tokyo ghoul -bnha -promare -mod psycho -sailor moon +many more! Let's be friends.
this scene doesn’t get enough appreciation on anitwt so can we just-
this scene doesn’t get enough appreciation on anitwt so can we just- <br>
hai ! i'm new to #anitwt and i WANNA MAKE FRIENDS :D ☆★ !! animes i like : ✰ haikyuu (main !!) ✰ bnha ✰ kny ✰ aot ✰ bungou stray dogs ✰ tokyo ghoul ✰ death note ✰ free ✰ litrally anything tbh ... pls rt/like 2 be moots & don't let this flop
welcome to anitwt! we only watch and talk about three anime and it's boku no hero academia, haikyuu and bungou stray dogs. the rest are on our watchlist forever!
marie 17/02/2020 12:31
it’s kinda terrifying how horny anitwt is for this man that we’ve only seen for a few seconds, the tl is going to be a mess when this anime drops
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